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Palin 3, Obama/Biden 0 — Sarah Palin’s Full Speech

Posted by Casey on September 4, 2008

I’ve been busy all day so I haven’t been able to post on this yet, and this will be relatively short. Basically, Palin once again kicked the crap out of Obama/Biden last night with her second stellar speech at the convention.

To see how the score jumped to 2-0 in favor of Palin go here.

I know the score could easily be higher, but for time constraints I’m keeping it simple.

Make sure you listen to the speech carefully, especially the part about community organizers. The left is so deprived of substance in their attacks on Palin that they are trying to say that she is attacking community organizers. She didn’t. In fact, she said being the mayor of a small town is a lot like a community organizer. Thereby kicking the crap out of Obama’s own words and experience. I thought Obama thought community organizers were qualified to be president.

Obama is out there trying to respond to what Palin said by asking “what’s wrong with being a community organizer?” Nothing I guess. I don’t even know what they do. I’d respond by asking what’s wrong with being from a small town? What’s wrong with being mayor of a small town? What’s wrong with all the Alaskan mayors wanting Palin to be president of the mayor’s association? Well Obama, what’s wrong with any of that?

A quick note then you can watch Palin’s speech below. Most of the country still lives outside of urban areas. Now that will change by 2020, but for right now Palin’s small town lifestyle is the majority in this country. Obama would be keen to not attack the majority of the United States population.


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