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CNN Goes Too Far In Personal Attack On Palin

Posted by Casey on September 2, 2008

A couple of thoughts about the Palin attacks that escaped my memory earlier.

Remember when Pelosi became speakerand she surrounded herself with children, and proclaimed:

“Children will be the centerpiece of this Congress.”

She would go on to thank her husband, children, and grandchildren for giving her the:

“confidence they gave me to go from the kitchen to the Congress.”

What about Sarah Palin’s kids, and now grandchild, giving her the confidence to go from the kitchen to the White House?

Also, remember when Obama said:

“Look, I got two daughters — 9 years old and 6 years old,” he said. “I am going to teach them first about values and morals, but if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

Maybe Palin’s daughter doesn’t feel punished at all. Maybe, just maybe, she feels blessed. Has anyone found out for sure if the boyfriend is really the fiance? It’s been stated that Bristol Palin is marrying the baby’s father. Sounds to me like they are expressing some pretty solid moral fortitude by giving the child a loving home. Something all to uncommon these days.

Plus, since when is a woman’s right to choose only relevant if she chooses to abort the pregnancy? I thought the right to choose is supposed to be the choice between keeping the child, putting it up for adoption, or aborting.

The one thing I can give kudos to Obama for lately is saying that families are off limits, and people should back off of Palin. I don’t know if he really feels that way, or is just responding to the negative press his wife has received. By the way, I do think the potential first lady is a target, but not beyond that.

CNN’s Campbell Brown attacked Palin as a bad mother for exposing her daughter to scrutiny for being pregnant.

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BROWN: Tucker, though, this obviously putting this young woman, Bristol Palin smack in the media spotlight at what's already got to be a very challenging time in her life. I mean, how do you respond to people who wonder why her mother would have subjected her to this scrutiny by accepting this high-profile position?

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Well, those people are retards. They aren’t reasonable, and therefore, aren’t relevant. They should be shunned as the subhumans they are.

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BROWN: I recognize that. In an ideal world, it would be private. You know, this is a presidential campaign. Nothing is private. The world is watching. and if we, you know, as much as everyone might want to give this young woman her privacy, you know that's not going to happen. And so you do risk putting her through an incredibly difficult process by accepting this job if you're her mother. You can't deny that, right?

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Is he f***ing serious? So the media is justifying their personal attacks on Palin’s family by saying it’s Palin’s fault they are using personal attacks. While simultaneously excusing the vile disgusting things the Obama supporters are putting in the blogosphere. I guess this means we can start attacking the Obama kids for any little thing they do, because it’s Obama’s fault that he opened them up for scrutiny.

Quick, find out if the Obama children have stolen any gum, kissed any classmates, or cheated on any test. CNN says it is ok to attack the hell out of them because Obama knowingly exposed them to ridicule.


7 Responses to “CNN Goes Too Far In Personal Attack On Palin”

  1. berlioz said

    They say Palin’s daughter is a private family matter and shouldn’t be covered… Then why the heck should there be national abstinence programs or laws on abortions?

    Then why even bring her family into the campaign as a ‘family values’ talking point? They want their cake and eat it, too. “Look! My son is in the military! Look! We’re a family! Oh, no, You’re not allowed to rebut this with any negative points. That’s a low-blow.”

    Her family goes to the very core of her flaws in leadership. No birth control results in having a kid… at 44 years old… which turns out to have Down’s Syndrome (which is related to the age of the mother). There are reasons why 44 year old women either use protection or get themselves or their partner sterilized.

    Abstinence education (plus no birth control) is directly tied into her own daughter getting pregnant at 17 years old and out of wedlock.
    Her questionable judgement has put her entire family at risk, and she wants to see her judgement exported at a national level.

    No. Her family is almost a banner case against her own policies.

  2. Stacie said

    Oh please, the daughter’s mistake or blessing is her own and not her mother’s or do we do the blame game for your mistakes as a teen and a (possible)parent? Were those your parents’ fault? No, just as my mistakes are mine and yours are yours and the daughter’s is hers. You do your best to raise them, but they will do what they do. What her daughter does has no bearing on whether she will be a good leader. Except of course for the fact she hasn’t done as so many parents and punish the child for her mistake. She has chosen to love her daughter not blame her. Perhaps it’s time to look at yourself before going after her morals. My aunt just had a child at 41. It wasn’t planned but her and her husband got pregnant. You live it; you deal with it and you don’t get bitter because of it; be thankful for the little life that was given to you and take care of it. As for the down syndrome, I won’t claim to know anything about it, but my cousin is fine so age is irrelevant. Plus from my own reading from what I understand it’s the sperm of older men that tend to cause more disease in children. However, as I said, I’m no dr and unless you are, you probably don’t know much about it either.

  3. Shirley Quinn said

    At seventeen, yes, they do what they want, female or male; But the watch is overseen by the mother/the parents with conversation, after conversation, and more conversation and more conversation skirted, crafted and guided to form a young mind of princples and standards. Let us not forget VALUES, that must be taught, that to become pregnant at 17 with a 18 dirty talking soccer boy friend is not acceptable. Yes, they may still in engage; but, a young girl/ a baby herself does not need that hindrance, that problem that very large burden. Mother’s are suppose to instill the proper, decent and respectful thing to do. You get one life, use it well. Mother’s create a map of Show & Tell; during the raising of children; Do the right thing is your mantle, your body is to be respected it belongs to you, you respect it first, and let common sense be a guide, in making sound decisions. In one word, I Do Blame the mother, that does not make her less; it makes her absent, too busy and not attentive. Family first,then the rest of that Junk is a side order,aka fast food of Life. Education now; when you are young, free and moving towards your destiny. Responsibility never goes out of style; and *NO, does Work..

  4. Jason Madden said

    This is the second interview I’ve seen from Campbell Brown openly criticizing Palin’s experience. She is basically disqualifying the VP pick who essentially exceeds the other side’s actual PRESIDENTIAL nominee in experience. It is truly amazing. The community organizer, professor, and legislator with no definable accomplishment in any role escapes the same hard and open scrutiny by the liberal media.

  5. Jules said

    “Punished with a baby”????? God I wish I could be ‘punished’ with a baby! After losing 4 pregnancies out of 6, I’d give anything to be ‘punished’ with a baby. GEZ Obama get real, being a parent isn’t a PUNISHMENT. (well, until they become teens anyway lol)

    Seriously though, I was pg at 15 and again at 18… daughters are now 26 and 23 yrs old. I GAVE BIRTH TO THEM and I never thought I was being PUNISHED. (until the oldest became a teen but that’s another story….BOYS sniffing around my house for a beautiful girl! I got ALL my gray hair in those teen years!)

    Punish ME with a baby! Please God punish me! I’ve been BLESSED a million times over and now I’m getting my 2nd GRANDCHILD. Oh please punish me with grandchildren, I just LOVE it so much and can’t get enough ‘punishment’! I want MORE and MORE grandchildren!

  6. Host said

    I know several women who wish to be “punished” with a baby. The simple fact is that Biden was never attacked for staying in politics, after his wife died, instead of raising he kid. Nor has Obama and his wife been criticized of the same. They are always on the campaign trail, and constantly being separated from their kids. Yet no criticism.

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