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Breaking: Democrats Release Palin’s Social Security Number

Posted by Casey on September 2, 2008

This is a blatant violation of FACTA, and is against FEDERAL LAW! I demand investigation, and prosecution, for releasing the personal information of a candidate.

H/T Redstate:

clipped from

The Politico has received an opposition research file from the
Alaska Democrats. You can read it in PDF here.

In the file, the Democrats have released Sarah Palin's
social security number
minus the last four digits. Also
tied to the information are her various home addresses.

Back in 2005,
Democrats used Michael Steele's social security number
to get
his credit record.

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You can get the report here.

Her personal information is on page 60 of the largely unsubstantive document.


One Response to “Breaking: Democrats Release Palin’s Social Security Number”

  1. bundee said

    I’m so glad you are demanding an investigation. This could have very well gone unnoticed if you didn’t intervene.

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