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Obama Copycats McCain In Effort To Keep Himself From Looking Like An Ass.

Posted by Casey on September 1, 2008

Fail …

As you all know McCain decided to focus on the victims of Gustav rather than the GOP convention while Obama only took a phone call on the storm, and continued to campaign. Now Obama is realizing that he has made a giant ass out of himself, and is trying to show he’s compassionate by completely copying everything McCain has already said about the victims of Gustav.

Remember, yesterday McCain said this:

“This is a time when we have to do away with our party politics and we have to act as Americans,” he said as fellow Republicans converged on their convention city to nominate him for the White House.

Meanwhile, today Obama said this:

“There’s a time for us to argue politics, but there’s a time for us to come together as Americans,” Obama said, trying to place himself above politics.

Yeah, that’s rich. Obama didn’t succeed in placing himself above politics … he succeeded in showing just how much of a political tool he really is by virtually stealing word for word McCain’s statement yesterday. He has once again “borrowed” the words of someone else. A habit he seems to be unable to break.

This is the most blatant attempt to steal credit for someone else’s work since Harry Reid tried it with Rush Limbaugh.

Here’s a video of McCain yesterday, and a very different Obama reaction than we saw today.

48 Responses to “Obama Copycats McCain In Effort To Keep Himself From Looking Like An Ass.”

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  2. Frankzee said

    There they go again,McCain is politicising other people’s misery and hardship. REEEEpubs never miss an opportunity to politicise tragedy, do they, like even a war. They are not above it. Thank you.

  3. Vee said

    Copying?????? Are you serious!!!????
    He is only doing the right thing!
    Mc Cain is trying to make himself look good in the eye of the Storm!!!!
    If anyone has been copying it has been Mc Cain with the Same old S..t. always talking about change(a few cents)
    Obama is the man who truley stands behind change you fricking idiot!
    And what has McCain and every one else around the world been doing……riding on that!
    So as for Obama copying…..Back off Repuggs….everyone would and has been doing the same. The media as well.
    YOu don’t know the situation of this phsychological factor, so don’t let your ignorance dominate what little, if any, intellectual facilities you may have.
    Dum Dum Stupid….This post should never have been allowed to creep through cyberspace!

  4. Richport said

    Just curious, “How would u have said it?”

    There are not too many ways to say the obvious. You act like MCCain delivered a profound speech or said something that will be remembered in History.

    You realize how ridiculous your claim is?

  5. Michael MIlligan said

    I think both candidates were doing exactly what was in their interest as politicians. McCain had to do something because it would have been too poignant if the hurricane struck while the RNC was throwing a party in Minnesota. It would have reminded folks too much of George W’s huge lapse of leadership (and let’s not forget that’s what it was in regards to Katrina and the absolute failure of responsibility to deal with it in a timely manner.)

    So, McCain had to acknowledge it and show he’s different than Bush. And to his credit, he is. Not that it’s the business of someone running for president to do any thing about a national emergency that might happen…

    Obama was going to allow the government and hurricane to do their respective jobs. If Bush responded fine. If Gustav crushed the city… that only helps Obama. And rightly so. However, if before the landfall Obama had been making a lot of noise before McCain started, he would have looked like a gross oportunist, gaining from the real misery of the victims of Katrina. But because he’s essentially a guy with some class, he didn’t. He waited a bit to see which way the wind was going to blow. George W covered his butt. McCain made sure it didn’t rain on his parade. And so now Obama looks like an Ass? Really? But look, Gustav wasn’t Katrina. It was a bad storm, but it wasn’t Katrina. So, really, this has become much ado about nothing. Thank God for that. Now can we move on to the real business at hand which is to determine which of these two guys is going to address the incredible danger facing our nation which is the crumbling infrastructure of our cities, roads, highways, bridges (check out Minneapolis for that one.) There’s a lot of Levees in a lot of places which need to be bolstered. And a bunch of hurricane prone oil rigs in the gulf aren’t going to keep the lights on for long. Sorry for you hardline right wingers, but we do need an FDR style TVA project across the country for a few years to get things moving in a different direction. This country, indeed every country on the planet has some manner of planned economy. It’s just that we hide the fact that we have one by calling it a ‘military budget.’ Funny, our military budget makes up a larger percentage than most ‘socialist’ countries domestic budgets… the only difference is we build bridges and electric plants in other countries that we’ve as Cheney puts it have been ‘bombed back into the stone age.’ So, here’s an idea. It’s time to put the army corps of engineers to work to keep us from sliding back into the stone age.

  6. Host said

    First of all, politicizing the tragedy is exactly what you libs have wanted since Katrina. That’s all Bush would have been doing should he have gone there while the city was under water. So you are hypocrites. If McCain hadn’t done what he did you would have attacked him while praising Obama. Again, hypocrites. Obama is the one coming off as politicizing this issue … not McCain.

    As for how I would have said it ….

    I’m not saying that Obama’s actions are wrong. I’m saying he stole, nearly word for word, McCain’s exact statement. If I were speaking, and planning on using someone else’s words, I would have said: “like McCain said yesterday.” Thereby giving credit to the original statement.

    You can’t take the words of others to use as your own as Obama has done a half dozen times now. For crying out loud, his VP choice is also a plagiarizer.

    Obama was getting hammered by acting “Bush-esc” on Gustav. McCain was getting high praise for his actions. So Obama started doing the things McCain was doing in order to keep himself from continuing to look like an ass.

  7. Nanc said

    Puh-leeeze – The big 0 is just that!!

    The Tragedy Obama & Democrats Forgot! 3 Months W/ No Flood Relief Bill!

  8. sweetpea said

    I think both candidates were doing exactly what was in their interest as politicians.Are you guys crazy these are not famous words of MCCain anyone who is out to get voters to vote are saying the same little phrase. So who did MCCain get it from.

    Really think before you speak.
    Have a blessed day!

  9. Roger in the Virginia Valley said

    Who was the idiot that wrote this story. It is a stretch as big as the universe. Is it now considered plagarism for two people to have similar thoughts. As far as response to Gustav, McCain said he was going to put together care packages. We dont know that he actually did, but Obama and his team sent out emails to millions of his supporters asking them to contribute to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

  10. David said

    It is sad that some would like to turn a natural disaster into a political issue. If there is any doubts that McCain is playing politics over his concern over this most recent hurricane. Compare the candidates on their responses to Katrina. Where was McCain during hurricane Katrina? Look it up – he was eating birthday cake with George Bush while Obama was visiting Houston’s Astrodome to meet displaced hurricane victims.

    In 2005, McCain voted against creating a congressional commission to examine the federal, state and local response to Hurricane Katrina. Senators Obama and Clinton both voted in favor of creating the commission. The motion failed 44-54. [H.R. 2862, Vote #229, 9/14/2005]

    In 2006, McCain again voted against establishing a commission to investigate the response to Hurricane Katrina, including the federal government’s role and the impact of the disaster. Both Senators Obama and Clinton voted in favor of the commission. The motion failed 44-53. [H.R. 4297, Vote #6, 2/2/2006]

    In 2005, McCain voted against an amendment that would establish a committee to investigate waste, fraud and abuse in the awarding contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for the reconstruction after hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The amendment failed 44-54. [HR 3058, Vote #259, 10/19/05; HR 2862, Vote #228, 9/14/05; S 1042, Vote #316, 11/10/05; S 2766, Vote #176, 6/20/06]

    In 2005, just two weeks after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, McCain voted against allowing up to 52 weeks of unemployment benefits to an individual as a result of a major disaster under the Disaster Unemployment Assistance Program. Both Senators Obama and Clinton voted in favor of extending the benefits. The motion failed 43-52. [H.R. 2862, Vote #234, 9/15/2005]

    In 2005, McCain voted against granting access to Medicaid to victims of Hurricane Katrina for up to five months. The amendment would also provide full federal funding for Medicaid in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama for up to one year and provide $800 million to compensate providers caring for Katrina evacuees. Both Senators Obama and Clinton voted in favor of assisting the Katrina victims. [S. 1932, Vote #285, 11/3/2005]

  11. JB said

    Now why don’t you give the real reason McCain voted against those bills. It was the billions of dollars in combined earmarks attached to those bills. But then again, Obama doesn’t want to mention those facts. By the way, I live in Iowa and it amazes me that Obama still hasn’t used his newfound fame to help pass the Flood Relief Bill that he promised Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin back in June.

  12. GehlLady said

    If I were Obama, I would have worded it differently, just to try to out shine McCain if for no other reason. They both had to say something, it was a given. As to copying…it looks to me they both have. I’m refering to McCain stealing the ‘real change’ his VP Palin represents from the ‘change’ offerred by Obama. Palin couldn’t be any more of an outsider to Washington, where you would be hard pressed to find more of an insider with Biden.

  13. Pamm said

    Do you really think/belief that Obama would be so at a loss for words that he would copy the barely articulate McCain….unreasonal comparison…scratch at the dust…desperate for any negative comment. What about O’s response to the pregnancy…? He, a diplomat all the way!

  14. mgapen said


  15. GehlLady said

    Roger, I don’t know whether McCain has sent care packages or not, but Obama spending

  16. tiredoflies said

    You libs are something else, especially the one who calls everyone dum,dum, stupid. I bet you have all the answers, right buddy? You think that the likes of Pelosi, The Screaming Howard Dean, Boxer, Kerry, Gore, Schumer and last but not least, Reid. What a buch of phoneys. Did anyone notice when Peolsi spoke at the convention her lips would stick together. I guess it was forcing those lies and phoney smiles out of her mouth, when usually nothing but stupid BS comes out of her mouth. She is one dumb AS*. Oh, lets don’t forget Carvell, James that is, the goof ball that you Demos can be proud of. Can any true American not see through these people?????

  17. suzeeeque said

    I’m disappointed! Obama’s ‘old wine’ in a new bottle with an attractive label…. and a good marketing team!! Look closely, it’s the SAME OLD DEM PLATFORM. What a disappointment. I believe he’s a very good orator, but in our enthusiasm with lost our compass. I am surprised that Obama would copy McCain. I guess Joe Biden has truly taken Obama under his wing!

  18. max said

    McCain just made a stop in Ohio to pack and send relief buckets to Gustav victims. Obama was in the same city holding a closed fundraiser. Obama criticized McCain for going to visit Jackson MS, for using up the security resources. He chose, instead to just call and hear about it on the phone. These FACTS speak for themselves. Also, please don’t overlook the fact that democrats riding obama’s plane speak their mind when they think no one’s listening:
    I submit no opinion here.

  19. there is none so blind as those who willnot see. look you liberal demos. it is plain to see that mccain made the speach first. look you idiots.

  20. Annacatkin said

    When Katrina hit bushie and johnnie-o mcinsane were hooting and hollering in celebration of mcinsane’s 69th birthday. So much for the “maverick” bullshit. johnnie-o turned on the phony concern because if he DIDN’T jump in quickly to profess concern, it would have shouted in VERY LOUD VOICES that here was another catastrophe and another f*#%ing repuke that doesn’t give a damn. Had the primaries not yet been decided, would mcinsane have bothered to waste his breath? Not likely! Another bush ass-kisser. mcinsane always looks like an ass because he is one. He has no more genuine concern for those people than a dog has for the bone he’s about to chew.

  21. Rosemarie Mart said

    Get real. Did you not hear Obama’s acceptance speech in which he said we have to stop acting
    like Democrats or Republicans or Independents?
    We have to come together as the United States of America. If anything, McCain was echoing him.

  22. Host said

    Rosemarie Mart … you forgot that those words were first spoken by McCain over the last several years he has been called the “Maverick.” Plus he’s repeated them over and over again in the primaries. So where did Obama get his wording from again? Yep, McCain.

  23. tiredoflies said


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  25. AB said

    Some people are like babies: they cry and scream like there’s really something wrong when all they want is a little attention. This is the case with this IDIOT.
    Mccain don’t have a copyright to saying whatever he said. But it was obvious that Mccain tried to use Gustav as a photo-op. Why would a US Senator find the need to pack cleaning products in a box. It was purely a photo-op and a dodge of his blatant blunder on his VP pick.
    While Obama decided to ask his volunteers to donate and lend a hand if they could. Obama didn’t even show up down there as he shouldn’t have. There was nothing he or Mccain could have done to help because neither of them are the president. They have no authority to order additional resources for the region. Bush is the only person who needed to show up down there. And even he didn’t go into the New Orleans area, but to Austin instead.
    Mccain thought that it would make him look good to show up down there and it didn’t. It looks as he is trying to do ANYTHING to show he’s something that HE’S NOT!!!

  26. I find it very distasteful that Obama would try to copy McCain’s response. But, that is exactly what Obama has been doing throughout the campaign…just trying to say what he feels voters want to hear at the moment. He changes his opinions as frequently as the winds change direction. It scares me as to what he would do,if elected, when various groups put pressure on him to make the WRONG changes. If Obama is elected….THERE WILL BE CHANGE, BUT DO YOU WANT THE KIND OF CHANGES HE WOULD MAKE. Change just for the sake of change is not the answer.
    John Richard Wilson

  27. Elaine Rees said

    If Americans are DUMB, and they are the dumbest people on earth, despite all that yoy clain, You can vote the man with the cane to beat y.all. Bush turned American to the bush and rested in Crawford over beer. Dumb Americans, when will there be sanity and time for all of you to wash your mouth!.

  28. Elaine Rees said

    If Americans are DUMB, and they are the dumbest people on earth, despite all that you clain, You can vote the man with the cane to beat y.all. Bush turned American to the bush and rested in Crawford over beer. Dumb Americans, when will there be sanity and time for all of you to wash your mouth!.

  29. FYYSMF said


  30. Gerald Neely said

    MCCain’s photo op stopped releif workers from doing their working for hours while Secret Service swept the building and the cameramen set up. He threw a couple of items in a box -smiled for the cameras and went on his way. Ombama stayed away so that the focus was on the storm and its victims.

  31. Ed W. said

    LMFAO. Saying “At times like this we need to put politics aside.” is about as original as saying “This is a tragedy.”. Acting as if McCain holds the rights to this platitude is ridiculous. Can’t you guys come up with anything better than that to take the attention off of McCain’s Vice Presidential pick, which looks like it was based on the success of TV shows like “It’s Tougher in Alaska” and “Ice Road Truckers” more than on any consideration of his picks qualification to fill in for him as President if the need ever occurs?

  32. B62 said

    It seems to me that all Obama’s supportors are so blind and ignorant. I have never seen an election where most of the media, and seemingly very intelligent people are blind to this spineless, stuttering itiot name Obama.

    He acts like every thing he says is so damn profound, like it is original thought, and all of his Obamaites just hang pon his every word and thought. And the media only covers what Obama states.

    It was Obama who said that he wanted to wait nad not to interfere with the disaster operations in the Gulf States, personally I agree. That would not be the time to give a big speech..However when President Bush made those comments 3 years ago, All of the Media could have strung him up.

    THere comes a time when one should monitor the situation from a distance.

    Obama, did not know what to say, so he said that he could text message 2 million people to give to the Red Cross. Damn this man acts like he is Jesus Christ or Allah..”All I have to do is say a word and it is done”

    Please America, see this anti-christ for who he is.

  33. seuss said

    I’m tired of the word change. It is overused. McCain did respond to the Hurricane threat before Obama and it did not go unnoticed. McCain is experienced. (He knew what to do and when to do it.) Obama does not have this experience and this has been obvious from day one. In another 4 years I might consider Obama. Not this time though. This is just one small example of the experience factor. Obama needs to spend another 4 years in the Senate.

  34. Jason said

    I don’t see why discourse has to stop because of the hurricane Gustav tragedy. Neither candidate works for FEMA at the moment. There are people who are supposed to help the victims of Gustav right now and it isn’t the candidates. Republicans are trying to manipulate this like they manipulated 9/11 as in “you wouldn’t hit a man with glasses would ya?” …..Cowards.

  35. pissedoff said

    I think everyone on here who is making all these stupid ass comments are full of shit.It doesn’t matter who responded or how they responded.At least they recognized that the people who were facing another were storm are Katrina victims. who gives a damn about who said what first or who copied who,people have been doing that since the beginning of time, just thank god the storm did not do the damaged Katrina done.

  36. Norma said

    It seems that to some right wingers nothing the Democrats can do is good – but they will never never admit to the mess their guy Mr. Bush has put us in or that Mc Cain has followed everything a good Republican does and kisses up to the far right evangelical crowd to get elected. The Republicans sure have a lot of nerve here considering that they produced the worst President in US history. As far as Mc Cain’s interest in Gustav and its suffering people – check and see where he was on that airplane while Katina was happening – he was with Bush and they were holding a huge birthday cake for their celebration while the whole Gulf was drowning – even though he lied and said if it had been him he would have turned the plane around – so why didn’t he advise the President – and I might add – his close friend and adviser – to turn the plane around? Hey it wasn’t an election year for him.
    As far as his choice for his VP – I guess he thinks if females share the same body parts they will vote for his VP candidate and not look at her core values – which leave a lot of questions

  37. Ben said

    How can anyone even say Mccain is sincere about anything. The only reason he is giving his is acceptence speech from the Gulf Coast is because he wants to use the victims for political gains. Obama’s use of the stadium for his speech was genuine.

    This country needs to be turned around. The government has repeatedly let us down and is in need of a real wake-up call and the only one who can do that is Obama not McBush.

    And in reference comments I seen on other sites, since when does 5+ years in a POW camp qualify anyone to be commander in chief?

  38. Frank Higginbotham said

    Obama also did this with Clinton. Clinton had to answer all the question first. the Obama would give his two cents worth. I cant believe Idots voted him in. Iam also surprise Obama choose Biden and not Oprah. who is spending her Million on Obama. It could of been the Big O’s running. just think Oprah couldnt help with fuel. but she could give everyone a new car. It a shame Condelissa Rice would not run. She makes Obama and Oprah look like little kids laying in a sand box.

  39. Frank Higginbotham said

    I live on the gulf and go throught hurricanes all the time. remember what JFK Democrat said Its not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. During hurricane Katrina all you seen on TV is people crying they needed help. people need to stop being a bunch of lazy asses and do something for them selfs. grow up stop having Mommy and Daddy or your Goverment support you and support your self. I had no problem rebuilding because I worked at it. I didnt wait for the goverment or some tv show come to rebuild my house. Lazy asses

  40. Pman said

    Obama has not an original thought in his head…when he is off script he sounds like a bumbling fool…it’s no wonder that he copied McCain’s statement. Why couldn’t he say, “I HOPE the hurricane will CHANGE it’s course or else I’m fuc*ed! Hope and Change people. We can believe in me. BARACK HUCHANGE HOPAMA! C’mon now. $5 million dollars…someone give me a breathalyzer…Michelle…are you a dude?”

  41. Lucky said

    Vee, Pardon the interuption but you, sir, are the idiot.

  42. Mike in NM said

    Obama never copied McCain when McCain called his own wife a trollop and a c – – t. Unlike McCain, Obama never sang “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.” McCain has thrown the F-bomb toward some of his Congressional colleagues. Obama has not. McCain’s temperament is such that he’d “push the button” unnecessarily and “preemptively,” destabilizing the world far sooner than any Obama-Biden administration.

  43. mo said

    Suess is EXACTLY right! BO, go back to Illinois and learn some more. Maybe run for Governor, and IF the state of Illinois thinks you deserve the job, you may be considered for the Presidency later. The Presidency is not an on-the-job training position. This hurricane is just one more example of why BO is not ready….Mo

  44. suzanne said

    If Obama didn’t have so much trickery coming out of McCain’s camp he could stay focused on whats really important. But instead he’s defending Palin’s pregnant teen. Give him credit .. he could have rolled his sleeves back on that topic!

    Obama for President!!

  45. LaPom said

    Has anyone, other than myself, stopped to wonder if the two million people Obama says he can text message to give to the Red Cross are the same people who gave HIM enough campagne funds to feed millions of starving people? In case anyone wonders who I am referring to, it’s our own seniors who worked their entire lives to make this country great and retired only to find that they are only given a pittance of what is actually owed to them after paying into Social Security during their entire working years, homeless Vets who gave their all,including body parts, and came home to be cast out into the streets, other homelesss people who had no control over the circumstances that caused them to be homeless and people who are unable to put food on the table for their starving children in AMERICA. I am not saying either of these men are the greatest things to come down the turnpike, but let’s stop calling names and look at what matters. Keeping our great Nation great. God bless all of you and God bless America.

  46. Alice said

    Enough. Why so much hatred? If that’s word for word then,I’m sorry to say, some of us can’t read. It is not uncommon to have similar thoughts when disaster strikes. Bush went to the hurricane area, McCain followeed; enough said about that. However, “wisdom” stayed away from the disaster area. Missed photo op? well, You have to wonder what could be acomplished by bringing Secreat Service and tying up local law enforcement when their attention is needed in more important matters.

    Remember, a country devided can not stand. (seem to have heard that before). Let us put aside our petty agendas and use that hostile enegy on more constructive matters.

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  48. Host said

    The post has now been moved over from my old Blogono blog. If you want to continue the discussion, please do so here now.

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