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McCain/Palin Continue To Kick The Hell Out Of Obama

Posted by Casey on August 31, 2008

Now that Obama has been getting his butt kicked the past couple of days … he’s decided to copy everything McCain does and says in order to save face.

This is just too much. You all know how Palin is generating the conservative base that McCain didn’t have before. The libs are scared to death, and it is blatantly clear given their personal attacks on Palin being a mother with special needs child. However, it has just gotten better.

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John McCain tore up the script for his Republican National Convention on Sunday, canceling most opening-day activities and positioning himself as above mere politics as Hurricane Gustav churned toward New Orleans.

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Ok, that’s good.

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"This is a time when we have to do away with our party politics and we have to act as Americans," he said as fellow Republicans converged on their convention city to nominate him for the White House.

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Oh, that’s just smooth.

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McCain's aides chartered a jet to fly delegates back to their hurricane-threatened states along the Gulf Coast. Campaign manager Rick Davis said the first-night program was being cut from seven hours to two and one half.

McCain said in an interview with NBC that it was possible he would make his acceptance speech not from the convention podium but via satellite from the Gulf Coast region.

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And the McCain campaign chartered planes for delegates so they could get home to deal with what Gustav leaves … wow. Plus he’ll likely give his acceptance speech from hurricane central rather than at the convention … again, wow.

So what is Obama doing to help the victims of Gustav?

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Democratic rival Barack Obama got a briefing, too, by telephone from Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. Obama heard about the status of the storm, the evacuation effort and coordination between federal, state and local authorities, according to Democratic campaign adviser Robert Gibbs.

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Oh, not so good. The libs might even say that Obama’s actions are very Bush-esc.

No doubt the left will downplay the McCain move as a political stunt. So what. There are several delegates who get a free ride home as a result of this “political stunt” while Obama was too lazy to even attempt a political stunt of his own. Besides, this is exactly what the left has said they wanted in a leader. Someone who will make an appearance just for the sake of making one. To let victims know they aren’t forgotten … remember? Since the addition of Palin to the ticket … Obama has been virtually non-existent to the world. His team is no doubt trying to figure out how they are going keep this from being a landslide defeat. After all, he couldn’t defeat McCain when the conservative base wasn’t energized and supporting him. Now that they are energized … what to do Obama, what to do?

34 Responses to “McCain/Palin Continue To Kick The Hell Out Of Obama”

  1. MeCain’s pick was brilliant. Following McCain’s career as a maverick, it is nice to see someone go against their own party, and stick to their convictions. He is not a party yes-man. Picking a woman was a foxy move.

  2. Mary Janet said

    Choosing Miss Alaska was about the dumbest move McCain has done yet. Cindy and Sara can go and get theri hair done together and talk about babies all day. Wow! Is McCain nuts? He doesn’t even know her!
    He has had cancer and is getting up there in yers…Sara is supposed to run the super power of the world if something happens to him. Com’on! I think McCain wants to lose since he allowed this to happen.
    Hillary is a one in a million female who can run any show. This lady is fragile and unknown. What if she starts to cry? She isn’t groomed for the rigors of the white house. It is a very difficult arena.
    Barack Obama must be laughing like crazy.

  3. Phyllis Kunz said

    Sen. McCain pulled it off and it was
    electrifying. The essence of
    genius. It’s all over for Obama.
    I am so impressed with his choice
    for vice-president. She’s terrific!

  4. betty kelley said

    McCain and Palin are the people for the job. Elect them and we will bring the government back where it should be. They will get results and make us self sufficient, bring jobs back to the United States and restore our dignity.

  5. kim said

    McCain picking Palin was a strategic move. However I hope it back fires on him. He didn’t choose her for any reason other than the fact that she is a women. She is an unkown with little experience.

  6. tina said

    i do not want obama.nooooooooooooooooo…..i am pro choice that should not be even in politics…it cost the gverment a lot more to support a night out or a unwanted experience than choice..this ms. alaska…seemed strong in her speech..but who is she?is there enough experience for this team to win………….i do not know which way to go……noooooooooi do not believe you go to that type f church,mariage baptisms etc for 25 years and not beliee in it’s beliefs………i am so confused……i am not in loe with mc cain…..but i think obama is a this the best we have out there?help

  7. Manny Supnet said

    Barack Hussein Obama is eloquent in words and dreams only. He has many wishes but that’s how far he can go. I think he is not telling the truth about himself and a lot of things. And this is scary.

    As a state and U.S. senator he does not have executive experience compared to GOP VP candidate Palin who is a governor and a real reformer.

  8. RIChris said

    John McCain knows he just has to let Obama continue with his rhetoric and posturing; when push comes to shove, rhetoric and posturing just doesn’t cut it.

  9. Bob Smith said

    McCain picked as his running mate someone who was the mayor of Hooterville 20 months ago. For his secretary of interior I hear he’s choosing a dog catcher and for secretary of defense he’s lined up a mall security. He’s a genius.

  10. michelle said

    What sexism!! She can get her hair done and talk about babies? She may start to cry? Because she has five children she has to talk about babies and nothing else? She has been the governor of Alaska for two years and a mayor before that. Just because a woman has several children doesn’t make her an inept wreck. I have seven children ,own my own pediatric offices and work as a pediatrician. I can discuss issues other than babies. No one says things like that to men with several children.

  11. curtis said

    she is a very savy lady and will be a great asset to the republican party.if she were to become president she would have a great wealth of expertise to call on.i can’t see that her inexperience has much to do about it as she has a lot of good conservitive views.she and john mc are what this country needs.

  12. jeff said

    American shouldn’t be fooled again by Palins pick.For the past 8 years we were scared into thinking the republicans would keep us safe.So now Mccain who thinks country first has picked a vp a heart beat away from the presidency.How safe will you be if Palin was the president?Was this the best candidate?If she was, why did we listen all those months to Huckabee,Todd,Rudy,Rommney how great they can be?How good can Mccain judgement be if he only met Palin twice?The direction the republicans have taken this country for the last 8 years,has given them the arrogance to think that we the people are stupid.As Obama says ENOUGH.We are the greatest country in the world,how did this happen to us?To actually think that a 72 year old man can get us out of this mess,than we are stupid and deserve what we get.But Obama can fix this mess just a Clinton did after the first Bush.Let’s do it right this time for the sake of this great country.

  13. After reading these posts I am ashamed of these people and their negative views. Maybe you better get to know Palin better. She might cry. So what she’s a human being with emotions but she can shoot your ears off while the tears fall. All of you are fools for jumping on the mere fact she is female. As far as the PG daughter I seem to rem. most of the presidents have family members with alcohol-drug-behaviour problems, in the past. Um this doesn’t count????And several with sex related problems themselves. I am behind her 100%. She will balance McCain’s age, which seems to be a mute issue as far as I am concerned. Get a grip America!!!!!

  14. RAY MARSHALL said

    Give her a chance. Let the voters get to know her more and make up their minds on November 4th. Gerald Ford and Harry Truman had very little experience when they took over as president but they did pretty well. No one will ever forget the tough decisions Harry had to make just a pshortly after he took office(The A bomb).

  15. Andy said

    Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate, said his campaign could use his massive mailing list of contributors to raise money or provide volunteers if the coast turns into a disaster zone.

    “I think we can get tons of volunteers to travel down there if it becomes necessary,” Mr Obama told reporters after attending church in Lima, Ohio. “I think we can activate an e-mail list of a couple of million people who want to give back,” he said.

    I think its unfair to say he’s not doing anything at all. This is the Republican’s week, the Democrats had theirs last week.

  16. Alan said

    The GOP is very scared. It shows in their Rove-esq tactics. At least Obama has some Senate experience.

  17. aliceec said

    “The libs are scared to death,”

    Ha Ha Ha…………

  18. Host said

    Damn, love the interaction guys. I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of you for taking the time to read/post here … no matter your opinions. I will be tweaking the site a little in the coming days.

  19. April said

    I think Palin would make a great president if she had to do it. I have read that she is a great reformist and is a very strong person. McCain made a great chioce. We need a woman as VP of the great USA. This might just make things better for all of us. I know McCain and Palin can turn this country around.

  20. AB said

    If repugni-cants think think Mccain’s VP pick was brilliant, then they must be the biggest idiots in the world. How is it that someone who is under investigation for ethics violations be a “brilliant” choice. Are they stupid. Both of their candidates have “ethical” issues. Mccain’s problems with the Keatiing 5 were long ago, but that permanent mark is still on his forehead. And his VP pick is nothing short of “ethical” violation herself. This pick shows Mccains’ total lack of JUDGMENT. He has none at all.

  21. AB said

    This VP pick gives the Obama/Biden08 ticket a LANDSLIDE victory is November.

  22. I’ve been reading around some blogs and I see the Obama supporters out in force slamming this choice of VP by Mccain. I have not seen this type of attacks since it appeared Hillary may dethrone King Obama. Yep its apparent the Obama camp is scared of Sarah Palin. The main reason is sho is a real American with real American values. She will be attracitve to a lot of Americans and not because of how she looks, but because of what she believes in. I wrote a post about a similar topic eariler today.

  23. tjkappa said


    I am so glad the REPUBLICANS have John / Palin and the Democrats have Obama / Biden. We American have a clear choice about who best to lead this country. Do we want a ole man PIMPING his VP Palin and her family values, or two respectful families the Obama’s and Biden’s. John McCain made his VP judgement after taking two VIAGARA pills!

  24. Bootsy said

    Choosing Palin is a pathetically obvious gimmick, and it won’t work. If McLame weren’t desperate to pick a woman–any woman–he’d have no idea who Palin is, and neither would the rest of the country. She’s a small town mayor recently turned governor of our most sparsely populated state, and if the Dems had picked someone like that to be second in line to the presidency, the Thugs would be screaming. She’s supposed to appeal to the imaginary “disaffected Hillary supporters,” but no one who supported Hillary is going to be impressed by a pro-gun, anti-choice woman just because she’s a woman. Meanwhile, the Thug Party is still chock-full of people who won’t vote for any woman, no matter how ideologically compatible.

  25. Bob Burkhardt said

    If McCain wins and dies in office, Palin is president. Putin of Russia will eat her for dinner. Not a very strong face to be showing the rest of the world.

    Vote Obama for the change America needs.

  26. MJ said

    McCain picked Palin not that she was a woman but because he had to have someone more stupid then he is. There are a lot of republican women in public office that are mothers and a lot smarter than Palin. Can you see the leaders of other countries having a serious discussion with Palin? The world will laugh us off the planet if these two are elected.

  27. Larry said

    I think the worst thing we could do is to eletc A crook like Obome form Ill to run the US. I had rether elect Hitler for precedent

  28. tc said

    I think Palin speaks for all Americans with honesty, dignity and good old values. American can use much more of those – I think McCain and Palin will will by a landslide!!!

  29. You have this backwards (but you are a conservative so that is not surprising). Obama’s acceptance speech in front of over 70,000 people in Mile High stadium scared the hell out of McCain and he needed to do something to steal the thunder back. Romney and Pawlenty are not dynamic enough to create a buzz if they were nominated, so he had to go with Palin. The good news for him is it worked (in the short term), even MSNBC has been doing nothing but talking about her nomination since it came out. The bad news for McCain is she will be an overall liability, she has a pregnant teenage daughter(which does not bother me but it will concern right wing religious conservatives) and she is under investigation in Alaska for abuse of power as governor. There is also the problem with McCain’s age and his health and the fact that she could become president if something happened to McCain, big liability.

    The thing I want to know is when did they buy her the plane ticket to fly her in for the nomination speech? I bet it was after Obama’s speech. Did she do any stumping for McCain outside of Alaska? No, Romney and Pawlenty were doing that. If you knew ahead of time that you were going to choose someone for vice president don’t you think you would have them stump for you? So you are wrong, it is McCain and the conservatives that are scared of Obama’s charisma and ability to draw 100,000 people in Germany and 70,000 for his acceptance speech compared to McCain’s 15,000 at the Xcel Energy center for his acceptance speech.

    Just one more comment to close with, I am so tired of you conservatives saying that Obama does not have a plan, this is a talking point made up by the right wing (you know, if you repeat something enough most idiots will believe it is true).

    Two examples, first look at this months AARP magazine, they ask Obama and McCain questions about how they would take care of our roads and gas prices etc… McCain’s standard answer is getting rid of ear marks will fix everything, beyond that he does not have a plan. Obama is specific on building infrastructure and where the money will come from.

    Also, look at their website, go to the Issues tab on the home page, Obama has twenty five issues listed and McCain has thirteen. Ok, you have to agree that Obama can actually identify more issues than McCain but also Obama has detailed solutions for each issue. McCain is mostly just political double talk. Honest, check it out.

  30. Host said

    Penguin Pete: Too bad McCain already had Palin picked as his VP before Obama spoke. This is one of those myths that is floating around out there that has already been addressed and debunked.

    Bottom line is that Obama’s solutions are communist in nature, and extremely short-sighted. Obama’s energy plan is only liked, and endorsed, by those who don’t know anything about economics. For crying out loud, Obama’s tire inflation thing is from a study done in 1981 in Paris, France … before modern tire technology, and computer controlled engines with fuel injection.

  31. McCain/Palin Continue To Kick The Hell Out Of Obama

    This is just too much. You all know how Palin is generating the conservative base that McCain didn’t have before. The libs are scared to death, and it is blatantly clear given their personal attacks on Palin being a mother with special needs child. H…

  32. linda said

    finally a real person who has real problems and can have a job like other women and deal with it all..besides i am sure her daughter will step up to the plate and take care of things like many young people have and can! Unlike liberals we believe it is a good thing to share responsibility.

  33. Host,

    You say that McCain had picked Palin before Obama’s speech, where is the proof? I have not been able to find anything saying stating that McCain picked her before Obama’s speech. Send me a link to back up your proof.

    If you think Obama’s energy paln is only about inflating tires your research is lacking. Read his website.

  34. David said

    Well well well, looks like someone’s been believing Corsi’s lies. If you actually believe this blog then I pity any of you.

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