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How Should You Celebrate When You Find Out You’re Not The Father?

Posted by Casey on August 26, 2008

Holy Taco is there with the answer, but I’ll give you a teaser. Now, I realize that Maury Povich is a staged show, and many of these are fake (if not all of them). However, it is fun to celebrate the mental destruction of some slut who’s just trying to get a meal ticket from you … that is until she decides she’d rather destroy you on national television first.

There are 7 top reactions to the baby not being yours at Holy Taco. I’ll leave you with the following as an appetizer for the rest of them. Notice how both “parents” are white, but the baby is black. Yet this “totally unstaged” segment shows a pasty white guy crumbling upon being told he is not the black baby’s father. I’d also like to point out the few celebrations in the audience upon hearing that the white whale girl cheated with a black guy … interesting.

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