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Stop Mispronouncing South Ossetia!

Posted by Casey on August 18, 2008

I am getting sick and tired of the so called “news professionals” mispronouncing South Ossetia. Over and over again I hear CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS and others pronounce the region completely incorrectly while they cover the Russian invasion of Georgia.

News reporters continue to pronounce South Ossetia as South Oh-set-tia. That is blatantly wrong! Furthermore, it is a merger of the Russian pronunciation and the English pronunciation. There are two accepted English ways of pronouncing South Ossetia. The first is South Ah-see-shuh … clearly a big difference in what your college educated journalists are feeding through your head. That is according to Webster’s Dictionary so don’t send me messages challenging that pronunciation. The second way to pronounce South Ossetia, and the most common, is South O-see-shah. That’s according to

If a reporter can’t get a simple pronunciation correct, how the hell are you supposed to take their reporting seriously? Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

7 Responses to “Stop Mispronouncing South Ossetia!”

  1. Tim said

    I totally agree with you. These are the same imbeciles whose spell-checkers change Caucasus to “Caucuses,” and they assume that a “correction” has been made.

  2. Dave said

    And here’s one that really bugs me: the ridiculous mispronunciation of “Tuh-BLEE-see” for Tbilisi. This is mindlessly replicated by both American and British news commentators. When I was there, I noticed that all the Americans and Brits were pronouncing it that way, despite hearing it pronounced every day by the inhabitants as “Tuh-BEE-lee-see”. I guess many people are simply unteachable.

  3. Host said

    It’s not that they’re unteachable, it’s that they disapproved of how it sounded. Therefore, their elitist attitude simply called for them to change it to their liking. It’s the same damn attitude that changes the definition of words from what the dictionary says so words can be made to fit their arguments.

  4. Grace Tumas said

    I agree with you one hundred percent. I’m a Lithuanian American, and a passionate Russian/Cossack historian. It’s driven me crazy this past week, hearing reporters mispronounce South Ossetia; I’ve constantly yelled back,”O-see-shuh!” or “Ah-see-shuh!” Thanks for educating the public!

  5. Host said

    Thank you grace, and everyone else. I actually played the Webster’s Dictionary audio on the proper pronunciation on my show today just to point out how stupid these news commentators are. It was a pretty funny bit.

  6. tia said

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  7. tia said

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