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Uh Oh, Obama’s Hamas Ties Resurfacing With Illegal Donations From Palestinians.

Posted by Casey on August 5, 2008

We all know it … Obama has ties with terrorists, and their sympathizers. This doesn’t even include the current investigation into prominent Democrats (including Obama and Pelosi) for illegal contact with FARC terrorists.

Previously, Obama has had a friendship with PLO representatives, and now it looks like he’s received almost $30,000 in illegal campaign funds from pro-Hamas Palestinians.

If Obama’s terrorist ties are simply a “right wing talking point” … it’s one hell of a point to take into consideration. Never before have we had a presidential candidate with ties to terrorists as we do with Obama. I suppose you can put your head into the sand, and forget about Obama hanging out with domestic terrorists, PLO terrorists, and their sympathizers … including his very own church. Plus, it can’t be good that Hamas endorsed Obama. Yeah, I know Obama has criticized Hamas several times, but actions speak louder than words. His actions point to, at best, a cordial relationship with Hamas terrorists.


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    surprise surprise,
    another interview at fox news.

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