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If A Child Is Fighting The Bull … Do You Still Root For The Bull?

Posted by Casey on August 5, 2008

The answer is yes … not because I’m some PETA freak, but because I like bulls more than humans.


A banned bullfight involving a 10-year-old child matador will go ahead Thursday in the southern French town of Arles despite protests from anti-corrida campaigners, organisers said.

Michelito, a Franco-Mexican who is a bullfighting star in Mexico, is in France to take part in several “becerradas” — bullfights for beginners in which the calves are not killed.

But French authorities twice cancelled the event last week, in Arles and nearby Fontvieille, following protests by an anti-bullfighting alliance complaining about the presence of a minor in the ring.

Who cares if there is a minor in the ring. This kid can handle himself just fine, and has apparently killed 60 bulls in Mexico. I say let the kid fight the bull, but let’s give him a real bull, an man killer. No more of this kid vs calf crap. Let’s see if this kid has what it takes to be mauled by a bull. Why? Because it would be funny as hell to see this kid with a thorn sticking through his ass.


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