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Chevy Will Produce 2010 Camaro (Better Known As The Bastard Child Of The Mustang Giugiaro & Cadillac XLR).

Posted by Casey on July 18, 2008

We finally have confirmation that Chevy will produce the 2010 Camaro. There was some concern that Chevy was going to have to abandon it. It’s a decent looking car with a great looking interior, but it is basically a complete ripoff of the Mustang Giugiaro concept and the Cadillac XLR. So the Camaro won’t get any originality points from true car enthusiasts because it’s basically a ripoff of the other two cars, but at least we will have Camaros trolling around once again.

I think this is good for cars in general, and we are already seeing that take place as the old Mustang vs Camaro rivalry is already heating up. We can throw the Challenger into the mix as well when it comes to power. All three cars will carry a base V8 with around 400hp, but Ford’s is rumored to be far more technologically advanced with better fuel economy.

When it comes to the V6 models the Camaro will push 296hp which is very respectable, but if the rumors are true about Ford’s twin-turbo V6 Ecoboost there is absolutely no competition. Ford wins that battle hands down because the tt V6 is supposed to post about 400hp itself with about 35mpg. Again, if the rumors are true Ford’s V6 could come out of the box and compete with the Camaro and Challenger.

All in all … this is great for American car enthusiasts. We can all agree that the Prius breed of cars must be destroyed. I’ll be damned if I’ll give up my muscle car because the damn government told me to.

If you still don’t think that the Camaro is stealing bits from the other cars just look at the pics below.

While there are some similarities with the XLR, the Camaro clearly stole some of its design from the Mustang Giugiaro which will likely offend some Camaro purists.


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    Orded a 2010 ss are they still going to produce them.

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