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Jessica Simpson Is Officially The Coolest Female Celeb Around.

Posted by Casey on July 1, 2008

It’s nice to finally have a female celebrity for our young girls to look up to. She’s classy, funny, talented, attractive, and most importantly … she isn’t a damn train wreck like all of the other prominent female celebrities today.

Naturally, being a stellar conbabe (conservative hottie) will anger the jealous tree-hugging libwhores. This was the case recently with Pamela Anderson.

Frankly, I’ve never understood the infatuation so many guys have for Pamela. I’ve never found her to be attractive … even in my hump anything teenage years. All of my friends have given me a hard time about not finding her attractive, and I’ve had my share of “how can you not think she’s hot?” My response usually entailed asking them how they could be attracted to someone who will likely give them VD just by glancing in their general direction. Then you have to factor in the sheer dumbassery regularly displayed by Pamela, but I digress.

Pamela Anderson called Jessica Simpson a “bitch” and a “whore” because Jessica proudly displayed her love for meat. Nothing like the typical liberal attack on anything they disagree with to point out how hypocritical they really are.

Not only was Pam’s attack hypocritical because she doesn’t respect another person’s views while simultaneously begging people to respect hers, but she is also hypocritical on two other counts. Pamela is universally known as a “bitch” and a “whore” herself. This is like the fat girl calling you fat in an argument to try and hurt your feelings, but you just laugh at their idiocy.

Bottom line … look in the mirror Pam. YOU are the bitch and the whore (how many times have you been married again?). Then again … it sounds like you did look in the mirror. You just found yourself wanting. So you attacked a true class act in Jessica Simpson who is the closest thing we have to the prototypical symbol of American women … strong, sexy, classy, good-hearted, patriotic, and WAY better than you will ever be Pam.


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