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Dems Use Ad Showing US Troops Getting Blown Up.

Posted by Casey on April 29, 2008

This is too far, and they know it. This sort of “dramatic imagery” is unacceptable by any standard. Out of simple respect for the families of military personnel this ad would never have run with those images.

Before you libs start attacking me I want you to stop and actually think for a minute. If the GOP used the image of US troops who had been captured, tortured then murdered by dismemberment to prove that we needed to fight such evil … you would rightly be enraged as well.

Forget about the ad completely taking McCain’s 100 years comments out of context. We are now learning that the footage came from Fahrenheit 9/11. GP also points out that this footage is likely from a terrorist snuff film since American cameras were most likely not present.

Nothing makes you want to vote Democrat like watching them use our enemy’s propaganda for political gain.

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