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Harry Reid Beat Up An Old Man! Admits It Wasn’t Fair Fight!

Posted by Casey on April 25, 2008

This is actually fairly old news for us in Vegas. I’ve made a regular gag about it on my show since we found out the story. However, it doesn’t seem to have received national attention yet, but all of that will change in the coming weeks when his autobiography gets released. So if you aren’t aware of the story, read on.


The U.S. Senate majority leader doesn’t pull any punches about his brawling reputation in his upcoming autobiography “The Good Fight — Hard Lessons From Searchlight to Washington.” …

The battle royale came when he was a college freshman. He and his high school girlfriend, Landra Gould, were still seeing each other, much to the chagrin of her chiropractor dad, who despised Reid because he wasn’t Jewish, according to the book.

“College hadn’t cooled the relationship, it had intensified it. We were going to be together and there was nothing her father could do about it. Of course he didn’t see it that way. She was living under his roof.”

The father met Reid at the door and told him to stay away from his daughter.

“I was there to pick her up,” Reid writes, “and he was blocking my way, talking too much. He started pushing, and I threw a punch, and then the whole mess spilled out into the front yard.

“It wasn’t a fair fight — he was smaller than I was … I turned around and found Landra by my side. We got in that car and we took off.”

They eloped in 1959 when she was 19 and he was 20. They will celebrate their 50th anniversary next year.

BWAAAAHAHAHAHA! The majority leader admits he beat up his father-in-law, AND it wasn’t a fair fight. I laugh every time I read that. I guess this explains why Mrs. Reid doesn’t make herself seen in the public eye. I’d probably hide from shame myself. How many of you ladies out there would marry the guy who attacked your dad? I didn’t think so. Hmm … I wonder if he’s holding her hostage?

Her father obviously was a good judge of character, and was doing his fatherly duty to keep a scumbag away from his little girl. No doubt something you dads out there can fully understand.

Reid’s character, however, is validated as being the hot-tempered bully we already identified him with. Even to this day Reid seems to brag about his unjustified attack on his future father-in-law. Seemingly basking in the fact that it wasn’t a fair fight because of the other guys age, and small stature. You might as well throw in Reid’s boxing as well … even though he was never any good at it. If you never knew Reid used to box, now you have an explanation for his dementia-esc memory lapses.

In the end, Reid’s attack does wonders to explain the endless list of character flaws Reid has displayed throughout the years. Good thing his political career is over so we don’t have to deal with him much longer. Now we’ll be able to focus more on his son Rory.

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  1. Let’s give Mrs. Reid credit. She most likely would have stockholm syndrome! 🙂

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