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Uh Oh, Veterans Are Seeking Congressional Seats, & They’re Republicans!

Posted by Casey on April 9, 2008

This has been building for some time now. The old guard is almost at an end on both sides of the aisle. Veterans of the War On Terror are seeking spots in government in record numbers from the local to the national level. Eventually, they will be a significant voting block in our congress … thank God. In a few years time we will finally have a congress run by those who actually know what this conflict is all about, and we can stop listening to the Reid/Murtha lies about our troops.

The WSJ is there …

Seventeen Iraq combat veterans are running for House seats as Republicans, pledging to continue the war once in Congress and linking themselves to Sen. John McCain’s candidacy for president.

As Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, prepares to go to Capitol Hill Tuesday to discuss his record there, some of the vets also came to Washington to link themselves to the general whose 2007 troop surge they believe has improved America’s prospects for victory.

In 2006, the Democrats had some success with a slate of veterans who used their military credentials to argue against the war. The Republican veterans argue that such antiwar vets are the exception and, even though the public is still against the war, they will be able to make the case that the country is succeeding and should commit the resources to achieve victory.

“Iraq’s going to be a tough issue for everybody, but we’re going to be uniquely positioned to deal with it,” says former Marine Cpl. Keiran Lalor, a Republican running in the Hudson Valley of New York. “The Democrats went around and found the exception to the rule: They found the Iraq vets against the war.”

Anyone who knows anything about this conflict knows that the anti-war vets are the minority in the military circles. It’s just nice to hear veterans publicly saying that in the press. That doesn’t diminish the anti-war veterans’ views at all, but they are the minority. Frankly, my patience has run out with those who argue that they are the majority … cause they aren’t. I’ve challenged every single person proclaiming that the majority of the military is against this war to prove it, and to read the mil-blogs to better understand the overall sentiment of military personnel. Funny, non of them have ever taken me up on that challenge.


3 Responses to “Uh Oh, Veterans Are Seeking Congressional Seats, & They’re Republicans!”

  1. Adam said

    Good Post, You are absolutely correct-

    I will say most of the veterans are doing their job out there and of course there are those that speak their mind against the war and of course the media will publicize those comments more so than those who support the war efforts.

    Here’s the truth…Whether you support the war effort or not you better support and respect our brave veterans and military people fighting.

    Pulling out of this war would be good in theory (Barack) but in reality,McCain and people fighting the actual war, know we can’t leave Iraq and probably won’t do so for at least 2-3 more years. It sad but unless we want all out instability in Iraq (and a bigger breading ground for terrorists), which would be the case if we pull out, we better just plan on being there for some time.

    I’m a Democrat and I will probably be voting for McCain…Ahhh! Because he and other veterans of war know what you have to do in war and sadly we have gotten involved in a war that will not go away whether we leave or not.

    Veterans in the House and Senate is awesome. I also encourage veterans and civilians alike to purchase from veteran owned businesses to help further support them. There are some good business directories out there like this
    There are some other sites out there too but these people seem to have the largest.
    God Bless our brave heroes

  2. Host said

    Thanks for the great comments, and the link to veteran businesses. I’ll be sure to use that link more in my posts.

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