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Maryland Looks At In-State Tuition For Illegals

Posted by Casey on March 25, 2008

And the illegals are making their opinion well known.


A crowd of mostly immigrant high school and college students rallied at the University of Maryland campus Monday in support of legislation that would provide in-state tuition to illegal immigrants who graduate from a Maryland high school.

There is some good news however. The turn out at the rally was lower than expected (about 60), and similar legislation has failed since 2003.

Of course, the Democrats are leading the charge on this issue as well.

“The vast majority of these kids were brought here by their parents,” said Del. Saqib Ali, a Montgomery County Democrat. “We shouldn’t penalize them for the actions of their parents.”

Ali added that a country willing to let illegal immigrants fight in its wars should also offer them “full and equal access to higher education,” especially when their children will most likely be born in the United States.

Guess Ali never served in the military, because that isn’t how things work. Illegals don’t get to serve in the military … immigrants with permission do. If an illegal is caught serving in the military … they’re in deep trouble. It was a nice try though. If you change the definition, you change the argument.


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