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Iran Attacks Kurds In Iraq

Posted by Casey on March 24, 2008

As you recall, Iran was just caught helping the insurgents again in Iraq by the US military. Now they are attacking our allies, the Kurds, inside of Iraq as well. Iran is doing everything they can to provoke us at this point. The only question is will it work, and if it does how much of a response will it receive?

LA Times:

Iranian artillery shelled three border towns in northern Iraq where Iranian Kurdish rebels are believed to be operating, an Iraqi Kurdish official said Sunday.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Kurdish protesters lobbed stones at police and soldiers in southeastern Turkey in a fourth straight day of clashes that have killed two people and injured dozens.

The shelling hit the towns of Marado, Razda and Dolakoka and lasted about two hours, said Azad Watho, a top official in the Iraqi city of Sulaymaniya.

Watho, the administrator of the towns, said the shelling had targeted the fighters of the Party for Free Life in Kurdistan, or PEJAK, but had no more details.

Tehran had no immediate comment.

Eventually, the US is going to have to address the Kurd situation better than we’ve done up to this point. The region is too volatile to allow the Kurds to get into skirmishes with Turkey, and Iran. Even though the Kurds may have a point, and these incidents only involve small factions in most cases.


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