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Surprise! Iran Caught Helping Insurgents, Again.

Posted by Casey on March 12, 2008

I know, I know … we all understand that Iran is doing its best to provoke the US. The evidence is so overwhelming that you couldn’t possibly believe it to be manufactured; unless you were such a mental midget that you barely register a point on a standard intelligence test. So here’s the latest evidence the US military in Iraq is submitting.

MNF-Iraq via World Tribune:

U.S. military officials are charging Iran with renewed operations to destabilize Iraq.

Rear Adm. Greg Smith, a spokesman for American forces in Iraq, said Sunday that U.S. troops recently uncovered a cache near Baghdad of weapons made recently in Iran. Smith also said the Iranians had been recruiting and training Iraqis in Iran, according to statements by Iraqi detainees.

U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Raymond T. Odierno and Navy Adm. William J. Fallon last week charged Iran’s government of undermining the government in Iraq.

Odierno, speaking at the Pentagon, said Iran represented the most credible long-term threat to Iraq. Both he and Fallon testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee that there was evidence that Iran was fomenting insurrection in Iraq and was providing training and equipment.

Smith said the U.S. based the assessment on Iraqi detainees who been trained last year.

Yes, you read that right … Admiral Fallon testified that Iran was supporting insurgents in Iraq. This is only important because there are a lot of idiots who don’t know anything about Fallon, and his issues with the White House. They’ve been saying that he was removed because he opposes war with Iran. This is completely untrue. The White House, and the Pentagon, doesn’t take kindly to their people committing insubordination by speaking with the press without authorization. Especially if that press service happens to be Al Jazeera. Fallon is guilty on all counts, he knew better, and should have been forced out.


As a side note, the Harvard Economist did a study on the impact of the MSM’s anti-war lies on the terrorist/insurgents resolve.

Are insurgents in Iraq emboldened by voices in the news media expressing dissent or calling for troop withdrawals from Iraq? The short answer, according to a pair of Harvard economists, is yes…

Yeah, no duh.


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