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MSM Fabricated Vatican “New Deadly Sins” Story.

Posted by Casey on March 12, 2008

That’s right, the MSM completely fabricated (as in made up) the story about the Vatican issuing 7 new deadly sins. If you were anywhere online yesterday, or watched the news at all, you were likely bombarded with headlines and commentary on this story. If you still do a simple Google search of Vatican + deadly sins you will get result after result of links with the story. Below are screen shots of the search I did just before writing this post.


That was the first series of results in Google. Below is the continuation of those results.


As you can see, the MSM is blatantly telling you that the Vatican has issued 7 new deadly sins, and present the news as if it were an official document authorized by the Pope himself. I was even sucked into lie yesterday. I wrote about it here, and talked about it on my program. Now I feel, and look, like a fool because I was blatantly lied to by the MSM. Luckily, a member of my audience sent me a link to this article which criticized the MSM coverage of the “deadly sins.”

Mrs. White points out many problems, and falsehoods in the MSM’s coverage. However, her article was not accurate when it pertained to the articles I had read, but they may have been accurate with what she read. What Mrs. White did provide was a direct link to the article, translated into English, for everyone to read for themselves. You can read the article here for yourself.

I warn you though, it is poorly written, and a VERY LONG four pages. Give me praise for making it through the whole thing. Just so you don’t have to suffer through the ordeal yourself, I will provide the pertinent excerpts.

The new forms of social sin
by Nicola Gori
L’Osservatore Romano
9 March 2008

Genetic manipulation, environmental pollution, social inequality, unsustainable social
injustice: these are the new forms of sin appearing on the horizon of humanity, like a
corollary of the unstoppable process of globalization. They are also new challenges for
the Apostolic Penitentiary, which labors to reaffirm its own role in an age in which the
perception of sin counts less. Bishop Gianfranco Girotti, Regent of the Penitentiary,
spoke of these in this interview released to L’Osservatore Romano the day after the
conclusion of the course for confessors.

L’Osservatore Romano is the official paper for the Vatican, and the article is an interview with Bishop Gianfranco Girotti. So this is a personal interview with a member of the church … not a news story about church business. As you read through the article you will come to the part that the media completely took out of context to manufacture their utterly false “deadly sin” story.

In your opinion, what are the “new sins”?

There are various areas today in which we adopt sinful behavior, as with individual and
social rights. This is especially so in the field of bioethics where we cannot deny the
existence of violations of fundamental rights of human nature – this occurs by way of
experiments and genetic modifications, whose results we cannot easily predict or control.
Another area, which indeed pertains to the social spectrum, is that of drug use, which
weakens our minds and reduces our intelligence. As a result, many young people are left
out of Church circles. Here’s another one: social and economic inequality, in the sense
that the rich always seem to get richer, and the poor, poorer. This [phenomenon] feeds off
an unsustainable form of social injustice and is related to environmental issues –which
currently have much relevant interest.

From that statement above you got the MSM storm that the Vatican had “issued” 7 new deadly sins. When, in fact, the interviewer clearly asked the Bishop what HIS PERSONAL OPINION was. It had nothing to do with the Pope, or the Vatican’s official policy or beliefs. This is no different than if President Bush says he thinks elephants are purple, and the MSM running with the story the next day that all Republicans believe in purple elephants. As you can clearly see, the MSM completely fabricated, and manufactured a hit piece on the Vatican and Catholic community. I am no Catholic, and am often critical of the Pope and the Vatican. However, I am honest and fair. The MSM owes the Vatican, and the Catholic people a massive apology for this blatant attempt to attack the Catholic faith.

I spoke with several Catholics on my program who were thoroughly upset with the Vatican over this issue yesterday. Today I told them the truth, and apologized on behalf of myself for perpetuating this myth. Even though I had been fooled by an intentional assault upon the Vatican by unethical reporters who needed an outlet for their venom on a slow news day. If I were the Vatican, I would demand an immediate apology from the press, and also demand punishment for the reporters who violated journalistic ethics with this fabricated filth.


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