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So, The Vatican Has Gone Even More Crazy

Posted by Casey on March 11, 2008

I’ve written about the Vatican’s recent trend towards the psycho several times, but this should freak out even the most staunch Catholic.


In an attempt to give moral and ethical behavior more significance to current times, the Vatican has recently announced seven new deadly sins, published in an issue of the L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican’s official newspaper.

The revision of the list comes after 1,500 years, with Vatican officials explaining that the new items address a global “secular” society bent on the concerns in the age of globalization. The sins are said to be an address to the “decreasing sense of sin” in the modern world.

I’ve been criticized for going after the Pope when he insulted Christians who weren’t Catholic. The argument my opponents used against me was that the Pope was just taking Catholicism back to its roots. They supported him because the church had changed, and modified its beliefs in order to be more in line with modern society. Well, those people can’t possibly support what the Vatican has done here. I can’t think of a more drastic change in church doctrine than to add onto the 7 deadly sins, and they’ve admitted that it was to bring the church more in line with modern society. It most likely won’t help that these 7 new sins are somewhat trivial.

  1. genetic modification
  2. human experimentations
  3. polluting the environment
  4. social injustice
  5. causing poverty
  6. financial gluttony, and
  7. taking drugs

Social injustice? Causing poverty? Financial gluttony? What? Those are liberal talking points, not religious doctrine. Those three items don’t even have concrete meanings. They’re all subjective, and speculative at best. Plus they are addressed in the original 7 deadly sins anyway. Wouldn’t financial gluttony be greed? Then there’s social justice, which could easily be translated into envy. Causing poverty is referenced in the commandments with ‘thou shalt not steal’ … which is the only way you can cause poverty upon someone else without them being responsible.

We could play with some of the others a little just to piss people off as well. Why criticize genetic modification if Jesus turned water to wine? Human experimentation is usually looked down upon, but we have always conducted experiments on people. One could argue that Jesus experimented on people in order to heal them, or that the Catholic church is conducting a human experiment by asking that priests and nuns defy human nature by refusing to have sex. I know that’s not what the church is saying, but I’m just having fun. It’s late, and there is nothing on TV.

The last two to address are polluting the environment. Is that only applicable to modern times? What about the Catholics in the world that live in third world countries without a working sewage system, or clean form of energy? Are they sinning, or does it only apply to modern civilization? Then there is taking drugs. Isn’t there some guy saying Jesus was on dope?  What about legalized dope used to treat disease?  Stating that you should not abuse drugs would go a long way to alleviate confusion.

If you ask me, the Catholic church released a pretty weak list that they didn’t think through nearly enough. I mean, come on, after 1500 years this is the best they’ve got to modernize the church? How about not making birth control a sin, or taking a stronger stance against pedophilia? Instead of just saying your against pedophiles, maybe you should put it in writing as a sin. This is a pretty weak and pathetic addition to the 7 deadly sins, and the church should have put more time and effort into this project to better reflect the feelings of the majority of Catholics.


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