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Harry Reid Breaks Another Democrat Promise, Hitler Lies Prevail.

Posted by Casey on March 11, 2008


Yet another lack of surprise from the Senate Majority Leader from my state. Through his aides, Reid stated that he would not support the one year moratorium on earmarks that Republicans, and congressional Democrats are seeking.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) will not back a moratorium on Congressional earmarks despite growing interest among House and Senate Republicans — as well as the House Democratic leadership — in a one-year freeze on the practice, aides said last week.

Reid is one of the biggest idiots I’ve ever encountered. Every time he opens his mouth he steps in a huge mud puddle. Then when he tries to back peddle, he loses his shoe.

If you remember, the Democrats ran on a platform during the last congressional election in which Reid promised to fix the earmark problem.

LA Times Nov. 2006:

Incoming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid vows to make reform of congressional earmarks a priority of his tenure, arguing that members need to be more transparent when they load pet projects for their districts into federal spending bills.

We also mustn’t forget that Reid was responsible for gutting, and ultimately destroying, the ethics bill which would have given us pork transparency.

Too bad the Dems haven’t fulfilled anything on their platform aside from a minimum wage increase … well except for Somoa … after all Pelosi has a company there, and she can’t be expected to pay the workers more than minimum wage.

Reid always wines about not getting compromise from Republicans, but never offers any compromise himself. Here we have a compromise between Republicans and Democrats, but Reid is refusing to support it. It was just over a week ago that Reid was again crying about not having any compromise from Republicans on the housing bill, and now he’s crying about having a compromise on one of the only issues that unites Americans … we don’t want pork barrel spending. Too bad Reid is one of the biggest perpetrators of pork.

To quote Reid himself … his rhetoric is nothing more than “the old Hitler lie.” Which is if you say it enough, people will believe it. Something that Reid himself is very guilty of on a number of topics … including the issue of compromise.

Reid would later back peddle on the “Hitler lie” thing by saying that he wasn’t saying the coal industry is like Hitler, but they kind of are.

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