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Canada Has Lost 79 Soldiers In Afghanistan … Honor Them.

Posted by Casey on March 6, 2008

Our allies in Canada have laid to rest their 79 soldier to be killed in Afghanistan recently. I’m not one to post casualty counts for the good guys like the MSM. I don’t look forward to it like they do, and I don’t think it serves a purpose. However, we Americans sometimes get tunnel vision, and forget that we have allies who rose to the occasion to assist us in the war on terror. I only write this post so you remember who those allies are, and honor their sacrifice. God speed Canada.

The Canadian Press:

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — Standing silently in the rising sun, a chaplain wept Tuesday as the body of the 79th Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan left the Kandahar Air Field.

Like the chaplain himself, Trooper Michael Yuki Hayakaze was only days away from leaving this dusty country when he was killed by a roadside bomb Sunday.

He’d been on a resupply mission 45 kilometres west of Kandahar city.

The 25-year-old was a member of the Lord Strathcona’s Horse, an armoured regiment based in Alberta.

He had been in Afghanistan since October, deployed to replace another driver injured by a roadside bomb.

Clutching each others shoulders as they bore his coffin up the tarmac, the pallbearers – his comrades in the field – also wept, tears cutting paths down the dust on their cheeks.

To orders shouted in the various languages of coalition forces in southern Afghanistan, over 2,500 soldiers from several different countries lined the tarmac to salute Hayakaze on his final journey.

Some had just arrived in theatre, their uniforms still free of the dirt that clings to so much in Kandahar.

It was a sombre welcome to the battefield.


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