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The 10 Worst NFL Uniforms, & The 5 Best.

Posted by Casey on February 24, 2008

There are several of these lists floating around online, and know doubt you’ve read a few yourself. Everyone has an opinion, and that is just what this is … MY opinion. After reading list after list and disagreeing with other people’s opinions … I figured I would publish my own list. For the purpose of this post I will focus on the home uniforms mostly used by the teams. I also won’t pay any attention to throwbacks or alternates because they are only used sparingly.

Please feel free to include your list in the comments below.

10 Worst NFL Uniforms

10: Detroit Lions

The Lions have made a vast improvement over their old unis with their current threads, but they still leave something to be desired. While not “ugly” they could use some further tweaking, and have the potential to be a world class uniform. It also may be time for an upgrade of the logo. It should be noted that the new black jersey is fantastic. Perhaps the Lions should look at adding a little more black highlights to compliment their blue.

9: Minnesota Vikings

Yet another victim of “better than before, but still not good enough.” The Vikings are on the right track, but I have no idea what they can do to make those unis better. They may be the victim of their purple/yellow combo. At least the Ravens have a sinister purple/black scheme.

8: Buffalo Bills

Now this is a shame. The Bills have a great color scheme. It doesn’t get much better than red, white, and blue after all. The problem is they don’t put them together well. First of all, the solid dark works for many teams … just not the Bills. Second, the helmet flat out sucks ass.

7: Oakland Raiders

This one is a little strange for me because I like black. I also like silver, and I like the two of them together. The Raiders just look unfinished to me. I wouldn’t propose any major changes, but I’d add some details to give the Raiders a more finished look. I’d also make sure they change their logo.

I think it’s about time the drastic logo change gets done. Seriously, does the Raiders logo accurately represent a raider, or the Raiders’ attitude? Of course it doesn’t. If you were at sea and the raider who was trying to rob you looked like the Raiders’ logo you’d be less worried about them stabbing you in the stomach, and more worried about them stabbing you in the ass … if you know what I mean. It’s time to give the Black Hole a worthy logo.

6: Kansas City Chiefs

I’ll admit that I have a problem with red helmets paired with red jerseys, and that’s probably the main reason I’ve never liked the Chiefs uniforms. I really don’t have anything more than that to add. I just don’t care for them.

5: Tennessee Titans

Another case of I just don’t like them. I didn’t care for the oilers before them, and I don’t care for the Titans now. I think it’s the helmet … which is hideous. I give mad props to the Titans though because they are one of the few teams that will invest in several different uniforms to keep it fresh. I wish all teams did that.

4: Indianapolis Colts

I’ve run into several other lists like this online that love the Colts’ uniforms. My question is … why? If there was ever a too minimalist approach to a sports uniform this is it. Yes the Colts unis are classic, and that should be respected. However, you can have a classic look while still having a modern uniform.

Their uniforms remind me of one thing … pee wee football. This is exactly the uniform you get when you are a kid. It’s time for the Colts to grow up.

3: San Fransisco 49ers

I have never been a fan of the 49ers’ uniforms … even when Montana was hitting Rice and making history. I despise the red/gold combo, but the white pants sometimes worn are a step in the right direction. Are the 49ers a professional football team, or a poorly wrapped Christmas present?

2: Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins uniforms should be San Fransisco’s uniforms. It’s hard to imagine a uniform that better represents fruit than these. At least Florida has a lot of citrus crops to take the fall as the inspiration for this utterly dismal design. I’ve seen other lists make fun of the Seahawks’ sea foam color while ignoring the Dolphins far more offensive aqua. Nothing screams toughness like aqua.

Does anyone else find it odd that the Dolphins logo is tougher looking than the Raiders’?

I have good news for Dolphins fans, and the rest of us forced to burn our retinas on these eyesores … there are rumors that the dolphins are going to change their unis this upcoming season. Many are speculating that they will announce this at the draft. Dear God let’s hope so.

Finally, here it is … the ugliest uniform in the NFL.

1: Cleveland Browns

I’ve noticed a strange correlation between the other lists online, and the Browns being listed as one of the best NFL uniforms. I smell a conspiracy among Browns fans. After decades of the Browns uniforms being universally acknowledged as the ugliest in the NFL, Browns fans are fighting back. Good for them, but that doesn’t change the undeniable horridness of their unifo

To make matters worse, the Browns had a free pass for a do over when they moved to Baltimore. Hell, the first thing the Ravens did was shed the ugly unis of their past. When the fans of Cleveland demanded the Browns come back … they succeeded. A perfect opportunity to design a new uniform that would be respected by fans around the league was squandered as the Cleveland Browns went back to the old and ugly uniforms of yesteryear. I can remember have many discussions with fellow fans who were also stunned that the Browns brought back the crap colored uniforms. The reason the Browns are number 1 for the ugliest uniform in the NFL is blatantly obvious … they can only be described as repugnant.

There you have my 10 worst NFL uniforms list, but what about the 5 best? You’ll find my list of the 5 best uniforms in the NFL below.

Top 5 NFL Uniforms

5: Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons have had a history of so so uniforms. They went with red … they went with black … finally, someone suggested to put red and black together while using white as a buffer between the two. This novel idea took the Falcons into the 21st century as far as uniforms go. Everything about the new threads is better than the past, and they look good when they take the field.

4: Seattle Seahawks

I’ve seen several list who hate the new Seahawks unis, but seriously … come on! There are more than 8 colors in the world to use on a uniform, but anytime a team shows some originality people freak out. Not only are the Seahawks uniforms infinitely better than anything they’ve ever had, but they accurately represent the pacific northwest that the Seahawks call home.

The sea foam, green, white, and blue all complement each other to make a great looking original uniform. The Seahawks look sharp in a uniform that hasn’t been ripped off from any other team, and that accurately represents their home … few teams can say that.

3: Houston Texans

Now this team looks sharp! Finally an expansion team that got their uniforms right. I can’t say enough about the Texans’ uniforms … the color combo, number of uniforms, stellar logo, and a perfect blend of modern and traditional style make them one of my hands down favorites in all of sports.

The Texans took their uniforms seriously when they entered the NFL, and it shows. Not only does it show in the colors, but the logo says a lot about how proud that organization is. Virtually all modern expansion teams have bad logos. Just look at the Ravens, Panthers, Titans and Jaguars to see what I mean. The Texans straight up look good!

2: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay used to have the honor of ugliest uniforms with their old tangerine jerseys. People used to make fun of the Bucs because they looked like girls even though the tangerine is a hell of a lot more manly than aqua. A little while back Tampa got sick and tired of being the laughing stock of the NFL, and they went as far away from “fruity” as possible. Tampa Bay wanted their new look to strike fear in their opponents. They wanted to be the bully now, and they succeeded on both counts.

It was instantaneous that the Bucs became a new team the moment they got their new uniforms. Perhaps they had designed a uniform that intimidated their opponents. Of the two pirate teams in the NFL, only the Bucs truly represent the savage nature of a pirate. As with the Seahawks, the Bucs branched out from the traditional 8 colors for their uniforms, and went with a pewter. Some may say that the Bucs look like the 49ers (and we all know how much I hate the 49ers’ uniforms), but if you think that … you are a dink. The Bucs have a truly original uniform that accurately represents their mascot, and the historical heritage of the waters of their coast.

A pirate is not a pirate without a jolly roger flag, and the Bucs were wise to put on their helmets. Pirates need a symbol that lets everyone know that they mean business, and that they are truly vicious pirates … not butt pirates (listen up Oakland). For originality, colors, accurate representation, and a menacing look … the Bucs are second on my list.

The best looking uniform in the NFL is …

1: Chicago Bears

I’ll admit I’m biased because I’m a die hard Bears fan, but I’m not biased like Browns fans in that I’m not delusional enough to say my team’s uniforms are the best simply because they are my team. No, the Bears are universally acknowledged to have one of the best uniforms in the NFL, and even all of professional sports. Most lists have the Bears in the top 3. So it isn’t a stretch at all to put them at number one.

Bear blue is not only original, but it is timeless as well. The Bears have found a way to maintain their traditional look throughout the decades while still keeping the team looking fresh and new. If only the Colts would pay attention to this process. The Bears’ uniform has changed little over the years, but they have been great at “tweaking” their timeless look to keep up with modern style. This talent has kept the Bears’ uniforms one of most liked by football fans for decades. I would like to see the Bears branch out a little in an alternate design, but I never want them to get rid of their classic look. It isn’t just these great points that make the Bears’ uniforms my favorite, but the fact that they honor “Papa Bear” himself George Stanley Halas on their sleeves by imprinting GSH. Now that is classy.


23 Responses to “The 10 Worst NFL Uniforms, & The 5 Best.”

  1. Mike said

    The current Lions jerseys are a disgrace and you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  2. Mason said

    So are you the same person as the one who wrote this article
    or did you rip him off, or did he rip you off?

  3. caseythehost said

    I’m the same person who wrote the hubpages hub.

    As for the Lions jersey … I only like the black and blue. The rest of the uniform is horrid, but better than past uniforms. There is no such thing as not knowing what I’m talking about. It is my opinion. If you don’t like the black jersey, that is your opinion. I wouldn’t be small minded and immature by saying you don’t know what you’re talking about … grow up.

  4. farouk said

    Huh? This is one of the weirdest uniform lists I have seen. I totally disagree with almost everything you said, but you are a free thinker and I respect that. I’m a Redskins fan so they obviously have the best uni’s in professional sports history the hated Cowboys the worst. But besides that the Bills Seahawks and Bengals are equally bad. Colts Raiders and Bears for classic cool. #1 modern jersey Eagles.

  5. genghini said

    I can’t believe you put the Raiders on the list of worst uniforms. I disagree with almost all of the teams you put on the worst uniform list with the exception of the bills. Come on man, the RAIDERS!? The Raiders have the most wicked uniforms ever, not to mention they are classic and among the most identifiable uniforms in pro sports. I mean this has got to be the most ridiculous list ever. Everybody’s entitled to an opinion but get real man.

  6. Jon said

    I’m just the opposite of your entire list.
    The nineties are over, dump the black.
    Pittsburgh and Oakland should be the only teams allowed to wear black. Everyone else should be shot for ugliness.

  7. jd said

    Be serious man!!!! You have to be kidding if you think the Seahawks have great looking uniforms. They look like they are covered in vomit from head to toe.The old uniforms that Zorn and Largent wore were classic and should never have been changed.

  8. DW said

    okay, i hardly agree with this list at all. where are the steelers? the black and gold are great together with the one sided logo… a classic! and the browns? they have one of the best helmets in the NFL! the redskins have an awesome uniform too… i’d double check this list for sure.

  9. Mike said

    “#1 Modern Jersey: Eagles” AMEN BROTHER! although the redskins fan thing we’ll have to work on.

    I love the orange, i love the white BUT I HATE THE BLUE. Their colors are blue and orange. The orange jersey and blue helmets work well but the blue uniform has no blue what so ever. They need to represent BOTH colors in their uni. They have hardly any orange. The Broncos on the other hand do a good job representing both blue and orange. If the bears could do something similar like an orange stripe on the shoulder or on the side it would better but….
    And I am hoping the 49ers look better cuz i agree with you they are hideous! They are coming out with a new uniform later this year which will be awesome!


    “fly eagles fly,
    on the road to victory
    fly eagles fly,
    with a touch down 1,2,3!
    hit ’em low, hit ’em high,
    and watch our eagles fly!
    E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!”

  10. Worstarticleever said

    This is one of the worst list of best and worst jerseys I have seen. You have made everyone dumber who has read this. Seahawks? really? How can you say that those are one of the best, and leave out the Eagles? What about the Chargers?
    You are one of the first people I have seen to knock the classiscs like the 49ers and Raiders. Dont you htink they are still around for a reason?

    Top 5:

    Worst 10

  11. Host said

    I may be one of the first to knock the 49ers and Raiders, but with good reason. I hate gold … period. When you pair gold with red I think of cheap Christmas ornaments. I like the Raiders’ colors (as I stated in the post), but their logo is not even remotely masculine.

    You may be the first I’ve ever seen put the Eagles at the top. I also gave them props in the post (next time read it). The Cardinals are ok (which is why they didn’t make any list), the Chargers new digs suck ass, and the Broncos are an average decent uniform in my opinion.

    At least I’m not a 12 year old kid living at home with mommy like you. I made it very clear that this was not intended to be a universally liked list, and that there were going to be controversial rankings. To insult someone’s personal opinion about design is juvenile as you can get. Quite being a simpleton.

  12. Warren said

    Um, this list is terrible. How are the HOUSTON TEXANS on the “best uniform” list? And as a Bucs fan, I even realize that our jerseys are in no way better than the Colts or Raiders, to name just two from your “worst” list. At first I figured you just didn’t like classic jerseys, but then I noticed you have the Bears at #1. Then I realized you’re a Bears fan, and that pretty much explains the entire list.

  13. Worstarticleever said

    I must be blind because I still haven’t seen you mention anything about the Eagles jerseys in your article. Oh well no need to argue. I thought this was some kind of sports site, and now i see it is a liberal bashing, attention seeking site, where you seem to love to argue with people, and finish it by reducing them to a 12 year old child. If i were to argue with you, it would be about global warming, and your rejection of it. How can you explain the melting ice caps, or the floods in 3rd world areas like Bangladesh? Many scientist have commented that they cannot believe how the ice has melted in such an exponential rate. Just because we do not see an immediate impact in the US doesn’t mean it is not real. I would be interested in your take on the increase of methane gas formed at the bottom of the ocean floor, partially caused by the warming surface. Maybe do a post on that, I would like to see your opinion. And why try to deny global warming? Do you really think it is a good idea to continue to tear through our nonrenewable resources?

    • Host said

      Read the global warming posts, and you’ll find your information. It is a fact that the planet has cooled for two years in a row now.

      I have great respect for everyone who shows it on this site. I don’t seek attention at all, and rarely even submit my posts to the networking sites. I don’t call anyone who is respectful a 12 year old. We can disagree like adults, but don’t call me names if you can’t take it back.

      I like to post about anything that interests me, and I like football. I also like technology, and write about that extensively. Feel free to use the stumble feature on the top right sidebar to discover what I’m all about. You’ll find few are free of my criticism on both sides of the aisle.

      As for the Eagles thing … you are right. I originally posted this elseware then migrated it over to this site. It is missing the ‘honorable mentions’ section where I praised the Eagles. That was my mistake … sorry.

    • Host said

      Start with this post below. That will answer a lot of your questions about global warming. I’m working on a bit of an archive for proof that it doesn’t exist. I’d also like you to take a minute and ask yourself why you think they don’t call it global warming anymore. Have you noticed that it’s climate change now?

  14. John said

    As a Browns fan i do like our unis but can see why they are considered ugly. But come on Number 1. I have to say the Bengals have some ugly uniforms.

    • Host said

      John, I’ve heard the same thing from many fans about the Bengals. I used to hate them myself, but they’ve grown on me over time. I think it’s because they are different. The Browns do deserve a bit of respect for honoring their traditional uniforms.

  15. esureshu manashiwa said

    You are a fucking asshole and you dont know shit bout football. Fuck you sideways.

  16. esureshu manashiwa said


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