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Remember The Cop Who Put The 14 Year Old Kid In A Headlock? Yeah, His Spotless Record Is Not So Spotless.

Posted by Casey on February 15, 2008

I’ve been watching a bunch of idiots defending this officer because the kid was “mouthing off.” No … the kid was asking legitimate questions that officers should be required to answer, and in some states are required to do so. In any case, it is unnacceptable for an officer to man handle anyone that way, especially a minor, unless they are a threat.

One of the arguments used by the nitwits to defend officer Rivieri is that he has a spotless record. Well, someone else has come forward with a year old video of the officer in question pushing him around as well. I encourage you to watch it here.

Apparently officer Rivieri has one hell of a temper, and likes picking on anyone who doesn’t walk in a strait line while having eyes forward. Does that sound like any other historical police forces to any of you?


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