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The Lost Art Of Punching Hippies

Posted by Casey on February 13, 2008

Try to deny your desire to punch this freak … I dare you.

I rarely find editorials on other blogs that I will repost here, but this was too damn good, and too damn true to let go.

Frank J at IMAO:

One day when I was but a young boy, I was walking down the street with my dad to the hardware store. He suddenly stopped, crossed the street and punched a man. When he returned, I ask, “Father, why did you punch that man?”

He turned to me and said, “That’s a stupid question.” Then he punched me.

It was a stupid question, because who my dad punched was a hippie. Back then, everyone knew that you punched hippies, but I’ve noticed that this knowledge may not be being passed on to the next generation. If there’s one thing I’ve realized over the past few years is that hippies are not being punched quite enough, and I think the recent incident with Berkeley and the Marines shows the problem of not enough hippie punching. If hippies aren’t punched on a consistent basis, they get cocky and will try all sorts of crazy thing. I mean, really, hippies insulting Marines and not expecting a punching? That’s a major breakdown in our societal structure.

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