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UPDATE: Heath Ledger Funeral To Be Protested, NOT A Suicide

Posted by Casey on January 23, 2008

As I suspected yesterday, Heath did not commit suicide. At least according to the police and his family. I’m surprised everyone jumped all over that theory anyway. Whenever I hear of an overdose or suicide in which the pills were strewn all around the body I’m skeptical.

We were hoping to get more with the autopsy. As a side note, did you notice how quick we had an autopsy on Ledger as compared to Anna Nicole? Too bad the autopsy came back inconclusive, and more tests need to be done.

The most disturbing of the developments today is that the Westboro Baptist Church (known for protesting the funerals of US troops) will protest Ledger’s funeral because of his role in Brokeback Mountain. Below is the flier from the “church.”

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