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Why Do Unions Hate The Handicapped?

Posted by Casey on December 21, 2007

Once again I am forced to burden you with the knowledge that unions will use the helplessness of others to advance their causes. This time it isn’t teachers refusing to give final exams to high school students, who need them for college applications, in order to increase their pay. I’m afraid this is far more distasteful, and the victims are those who most need our assistance … those with disabilities.

NY Times:

A 10-day strike that inconvenienced about 9,000 wheelchair users and other people with disabilities who depend on Access-a-Ride, a government-financed van service, ended on Wednesday when members of Local 1181 of the Amalgamated Transit Union voted to ratify a contract settlement.

About 1,500 drivers and mechanics began their strike on Dec. 10, shutting down operations at Atlantic Paratrans, Maggie’s Paratransit, MV Transportation and Transit Facility Management. The companies operate about half of the approximately 20,500 rides provided on an average weekday under the paratransit program, which runs door-to-door van service for eligible residents.

There is nothing like using the handicapped as pawns in your contract negociations … well played, scumbags.


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