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With Al Qaeda In Iraq All But Completely Defeated … We Are Learning The Fate Of Their Rivals

Posted by Casey on December 15, 2007

We all know AQI is getting their asses handed to them by the coalition, but we are now making some grim discoveries as a result of AQI fleeing their former territory.


More than 150 bodies have been unearthed in recent months from mass graves around Lake Tharthar. It is seen as the grisly legacy of al-Qaida control of Iraq’s western deserts before the group was ousted early this year in an uprising by local tribes.

Each mass grave uncovered around Tharthar and elsewhere in Iraq — so far at least 12 burial sites — appears to offer more evidence of the fate of Iraqis who challenged al-Qaida and its backers.

The graves help explain the decision by Sunni tribal leaders to fight back. Of the 23 sets of remains in one grave, authorities were able to identify only Awad and two others. That is typical in Iraq, where officials usually lack such forensics aids as DNA and dental records.

An estimated 375,000 Iraqis have vanished as a result of checkpoint kidnappings and other violence by Sunni and Shiite extremists.

Isn’t it about time we finally admit who the real bad guys are?


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