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CNN Says White Ron Paul Supporter Not "Diverse" Enough To Ask Questions At Debate

Posted by Casey on December 5, 2007

Yeah I know … the CNN debates are over. This is true, but while the planted questioners are worthy of discussing for the remainder of the election … there is one story that has not been heard by the country. Truth is, this story is actually far WORSE than the Democrat plants at both the Republican and Democrat CNN debates. Why? It shows the hypocrisy of CNN to allow Democrats to ask Republicans questions while not allowing the reverse. This story also shows exactly how racist CNN really is in the name of “diversity.”

It all got started in the lead up to the CNN Democrat debate here in Las Vegas, NV. A College of Southern Nevada environmental class wanted to ask the Democrat candidates about alternative fuels. The class is called “Science Fiction vs. Fact: The Politics of Global Warming.” The question submitted by the class was chosen as a question to ask the Democrat candidates, but there was a problem. Terrell Potter, 21, was to be the student to ask the question, but CNN didn’t like that.

Review Journal:

CNN had chosen a question sent in by a College of Southern Nevada environmental class. The students in the class “Science Fiction vs. Fact: The Politics of Global Warming” posed an alternative energy question that the network found suitable. But it didn’t find student Terrell Potter, 21, to be the right messenger.

Potter said he is a registered Democrat who voluntarily told CNN he had donated to the presidential campaign of libertarian Republican Rep. Ron Paul. Was he sunk merely because of the donation, or because that while he is a student of biodiversity, he is just too caucasian for prime time? What if Mr. Potter happened to be black? Would CNN have overlooked the donation? What if the donation had come from his mother?

Now the article is written by Erin Neff, a typically distasteful opinion writer who hates Republicans and often is caught lying, or at best not checking her facts. However, she is dead on in this piece. She makes all the right connections, and it is well worth the read.

Because it was Erin Neff writing the piece I had to get independent corroboration, and I did indeed find it in a letter to the editor of the Review Journal. The writer? Monica Brett, the Adjunct Professor of Political Science at the College of Southern Nevada, and the professor of Terrell Potter.

Here is her letter on the CNN fiasco involving her students:

My students submitted a question to CNN for consideration at tonight’s presidential debate at UNLV. An e-mail came back asking if one of my students would be happy to present this question at the debate. No criteria was listed.

I then told my students to nominate someone. I watched as they put democracy into action. After the selection process was complete, I contacted CNN and they first asked if he was “diverse.” I was then told that CNN wanted to represent “diversity.” When I mentioned his ethnicity — he was white — I was told that there was no “guarantee” he would be called upon.

The next thing I knew, CNN phoned me with an urgent message. “We have a problem,” I was told. “Because your student mentioned that he gave money to (GOP presidential candidate Rep.) Ron Paul, we cannot have him ask a question. Nor can we now have any of your students ask. Why did you select him?”

Needless to say, no one at CNN looked at the quality or importance of my students’ question. It is an insult to what this country stands for to censor somebody due to what party he currently is “considering” supporting. Can’t a Democrat ask a Republican a question — and vice versa? How else can we make politically informed decisions?

Monica Brett



There is a couple of things we need to consider here.

  1. Why is CNN ok with Democrats (including members of Hillary’s official campaign) asking Republicans questions, but it’s not ok for someone supporting a Republican candidate to ask Democrats questions?
  2. Why should Terrell’s race have been a factor?
  3. Why did CNN then forbid anyone else in the class to ask the question?
  4. And why were they so curious as to why the class chose Terrell to ask the question?
  5. Finally, if CNN was able to do the proper research, and background check, on Terrell … how is it that prominent Hillary Clinton personnel always “trick” CNN at all of their debates. They always claim they had no idea that these people were prominent Democrats associated with Hillary. This also raises the question of why non of the Youtubers could be identified for who they really were by CNN when it took bloggers literally no time to do so. Clearly CNN has displayed to ability to conduct the proper background checks with regards to Terrell.

Without a doubt … CNN should be banned from conducting anymore debates for at least the next two presidential elections.


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