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10% Of Illegals With Serious Drug & Weapons Offenses Allowed To Enter U.S.

Posted by Casey on November 6, 2007

When I say “allow” I mean they are allowed to enter due to a broken system. Many would say that a 90% success rate is pretty solid, and in most other circumstances they’d be right. The problem is 10% of 12 million is still 1.2 million illegals who are serious drug and weapons offenders that have been able to sneak past our border guards. Keep in mind that most believe there are more than 12 million illegals in this country, but 1.2 million violent criminal aliens running wild in the US is unacceptable by any measure. I’m also not so sure the real number is only 10%, and I’m also assuming that they miss at least 10% every year.

The Statesman:

A new congressional review found that U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers failed to stop roughly 1 in 10 illegal immigrants and serious drug and weapons violators from entering the United States through airports and official land border crossings last year, the Washignton Post reported Tuesday.

Are we making strides in catching illegal aliens at the border? Yes, but we are falling behind in getting illegals out of the US once they are already here.


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