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UPDATE: Police Officer Punches, Pepper Sprays 15 Year Old Girl

Posted by Casey on October 5, 2007

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This has all the makings of the next Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton crusade. It has a white police officer, a black teenage girl, a punch, and some pepper spray. So what’s the catch? It’s justified.

Watch the video and you’ll see clearly that the girl was resisting arrest for several minutes, and the officer was conducting himself professionally. At one point the officer gets a good hold of the girl’s right arm to bring it behind her back. The girl then bends down and bites the officer’s arm. In self defense the officer hits the girl one time on the head, pulls out his pepper spray, and sprays the girl in the eyes. Finally, he is able to get her under control, and takes her into custody.

The police chief is supporting the officer.

“It is shocking to see that a police officer has had to use that level of force against a child. But … my opinion is he responded appropriately and in accordance with our policies.”

It’s just a matter of time before the race-baiting begins.


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