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Posted by Casey on September 16, 2007

For those of you who know who I am, you know that I have been one of the most prominent voices in proving wmd’s were found in Iraq. I have caved to the requests from my audience, and I am working on a book. All of this means nothing, and only serves as an introduction to those who don’t know who I am.

Every time I do a show about wmd’s in Iraq I get calls from military personnel who confirm my claims. They always seem to come out of the woodwork a week or so after I do a segment on it, and they often show up in person. They rarely have any proof, but describe what was found.

Today, an audience member brought a hard drive to me at the studio. He was a civilian contractor in Iraq for KBR. He was primarily stationed in al Asad and Anaconda. The hard drive is 100GB of pictures and video from Iraq.

On this hard drive are images of weapons … including wmd’s … loaded and ready to fire. These have not been seen by anyone other than his circle of friends, and he has given me free use of the photos.

No, they are not classified.

I am working on confirming the official designation of the weapons, and will be posting the images in just a few days on this site. If you know of any places I can go to look at pictures of wmd munitions so I can identify these … please let me know by using the “Contact Me” link at the top of this page.


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