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Kucinich In Syria: The Effort In Iraq Was A Lie, Dishonest, & Crooked

Posted by Casey on September 11, 2007

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Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), and 2008 presidential candidate went on Syrian television the other day, and assaulted our nation. Here’s some highlights of what he said …

  • Americans have an increased understanding today of how wrong the war was and is.
  • The United States must end the occupation.
  • I’ve repeatedly challenged the thinking behind the surge.
  • Increasing the occupation with a surge is counter-productive.
  • We also must pay reparations to the people of Iraq.
  • The US must take steps to repair the damage that has been done to the lives of the people of Iraq.
  • We need to see that there is honest reconstruction in Iraq, no Halliburton dishonest cheating of the people of Iraq.
  • I want my country to be loved by the world.
  • It hurts my heart to know how America is seen in places around the world right now.
  • The truth is the war was wrong.
  • This war was based on lies.
  • The effort against Iraq was dishonest, or crooked, from the beginning, and nothing good can come of it.
  • We have to understand that the policy was based on a lie.

Trust me, there is more in the nearly 9 minute video.

No doubt, Kucinich would fail the Iraq War Test. I doubt he’d even get one question right.

The money shot came after he got finished calling Bush, the military, Poland’s military, Denmark’s military, Duelfer, the UN, and every media outlet in the world liars. Kucinich actually quoted the Bible … IN SYRIA … ON SYRIAN TELEVISION!

Regardless of what you think of Bush, or the war, it is categorically indefensible to go to an enemy foreign nation, go on their television, and say we are the liars and bad guys. He did this to the face of the enemy during a time of war.

Syria is a sponsor of terrorism that has threatened the US, and is threatening our allies as we speak. The majority of suicide bombers in Iraq come through Syria. We have repeatedly asked Syria to stop its support of terrorism, and to help stop the flow of fighters into Iraq. All to no avail.

Instead, we get terrorist leaders meeting each other in Syria, threats of violence, and more threats of violence. We then continue to ask Syria to stop supporting terrorism with no results.

Even with all of that, and more, Kucinich is perfectly happy to insult this country on the soil of a nation that is a state sponsor of terrorism, and has been directly linked to insurgent activity that gets our troops hurt.

Washington would have executed him, Lincoln and FDR would have imprisoned him for this action. There is a very real argument for treason here under Article III, Section III of the US Constitution.

Kucinich may not have a chance in hell of winning the nomination (especially when he is campaigning in Syria), but he does have a decent shot at a cabinet appointment.

There is absolutely no excuse for any elected leader to go to an enemy nation, and verbally attack the character, and integrity of this nation. No matter how bad Kucinich’s heart hurts that not everyone in the world loves us.


I would have thought Kucinich would have tried to hide from his statements in Syria, but he is embracing them. I haven’t received a call back from his people yet, but he has put the video on his campaign site. He put it right below the 9/11 remembrance … nice.


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