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U.S. Releases Iranian Diplomats Captured In Raid

Posted by Casey on August 29, 2007

News of the captures broke yesterday, and we were waiting for details on the capture. Now it seems the Iranians will be released.


Eight Iranians, including two diplomats, were released by U.S. forces Wednesday after being detained because unauthorized weapons were found in their cars, the U.S. military said. An adviser to the top U.S. general in Iraq called the detentions “regrettable.”

There has already been other cases of Iranians bringing things into Iraq, that are not authorized, with the permission of the Iraqi government. Somehow, no one informs the US of such moves.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini said the Iranian delegation was in Baghdad to hold talks with Iraqi officials on building a power plant.

Hmmmm, what kind of power plant?

The only reason there were arrests was because the Iraqi security detail didn’t have any permits for their weapons.


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