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Welcome To Needs Of The Many 3.0

Posted by Casey on August 23, 2007

Well, I got a hair up my butt last night and decided to redo the site. I still have some tweaking to do over the next couple of days, but so far I think it looks pretty solid.

You still have the same great blogging you’ve always had, and you still have nearly two dozen news feeds, that are constantly being updated, at your disposal on the right sidebar.

When I started adding news feeds to the site a while back you’d be lucky to surf the net and find another blog out there with news feeds. Now it seems they are all jumping on board, and adding feeds to their sites. Imitation is flattery but they still don’t have the vast amounts of sources that Needs of the Many has for all of you.

Hell, I’ve even added daily quotes from Ronald Reagan below the feeds.

Whether you are a hardcore blogger, or just a news junkie … you can get your fix right here with the vast amount of news sources available to you. Don’t wait for some other blog to write a post about something. Just make us your first stop of the day, and you’ll see all of the important stories hot off the presses.

Feel free to send any news tips to me, and I am still looking for bloggers to help with the site.





2 Responses to “Welcome To Needs Of The Many 3.0”

  1. Vice said

    Very nice improvements Casey.
    Job well done!

  2. Casey said

    Thanks Vice. I’ll have a couple of tweaks here and there … you know how it goes. I’m glad you like it though.

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