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Remember When John Edwards Said All Of The Money He Received From News Corp Went To Charity? Yeah, He Lied.

Posted by Casey on August 13, 2007

After Edwards attacked Hillary for accepting money from Murdoch we discovered that he too had accepted money from Murdoch. When confronted with such truth Edwards did as Edwards does … he lied. He said that all of the hundreds of thousands of dollars he was paid by News Corp went to charity. What he forgot to mention was that two of those charities included his daughter and senior political aide … oops!


“Every dime of the money they gave to me has gone to charity,” Edwards told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer earlier this month, suggesting News Corp. was trying to “silence” him because he opposes media consolidation. “This is a personal attack in response to me saying something that is not personal: I do not believe we should consolidate the media.”

His spokesman, Eric Schultz, said the charities include Habitat for Humanity and College for Everyone. Edwards did not mention the previously unreported fees to Prince and to Edwards’ daughter.

This guy must be sharing Obama’s fact checker because they are both all over the place.



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