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Florida Investigation Ann Coulter For Voter Fraud

Posted by Casey on August 2, 2007

Now, now … don’t get your hopes up. This appears to be another addition of Fark’s Florida tag. You Farkers know what I mean.


Despite the fact authorities in Palm Beach County decided against prosecuting best-selling author and WND columnist Ann Coulter for alleged voter misconduct, the state of Florida is now reportedly investigating the case.

According to the Palm Beach Post, the Florida Elections Commission is probing whether or not Coulter violated state law when she is said to have voted in the wrong precinct in a town election in February 2006 after registering at an address that wasn’t hers.

As you read on there are quotes by people saying anyone else would have been prosecuted. That’s not entirely true as there have been numerous cases of people voting in other districts. Actually, many Democrats have sought to allow people to vote outside of their district with any opposition representing voter suppression.

As WND previously reported, Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor Arthur Anderson, a Democrat, referred the matter last November to State Attorney Barry Krischer, the same Democrat who also handled the probes of radio giant Rush Limbaugh for alleged “doctor shopping” and for carrying Viagra.

Authorities in Palm Beach County decided against any charges for Coulter in April.

Well, conservatives have long battled liberals on this issue. It’s only fair that she be investigated.



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