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Federal Court Throws Out Lawsuit Challenging Domestic Spying

Posted by Casey on July 6, 2007

The plaintiffs had “no grounds” to sue. It’s nice to see a judge finally make a ruling consistent with the law now days.

Fox News:

The 2-1 ruling by the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel vacated a 2006 order by a lower court in Detroit, which had found the post-Sept. 11 warrantless surveillance aimed at uncovering terrorist activity to be unconstitutional, violating rights to privacy and free speech and the separation of powers.

Judge Julia Smith Gibbons, one of the two Republican appointees who ruled against the plaintiffs, said they failed to show they were subject to the surveillance and therefore do not have standing for their claims.

I know what’s coming with this ruling. People will say that two Republicans covered Bush’s six. At the same time those people will call for customs to be more stringent in checking containers coming into the country. The problem with that is … there’s no difference between the two.

Wiretapping also allowed us to catch a $3 million a year operation to forge documents for illegal aliens recently.


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