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Constitution Banned In Atlanta

Posted by Casey on June 24, 2007

That’s right, the US Constitution has been banned in part of Atlanta in order to allow only one activist group the right to free speech while effectively removing constitutional protections from another group.

World Net Daily:

The city of Atlanta has created a Constitution-free zone on public property for this weekend’s 2007 Atlanta Pride festival, according to pastors and lawyers who have been trying to secure an assurance that Christians’ free-speech rights will be protected.

The Constitution does not apply in Piedmont Park this weekend,” attorney Joel Thornton, of the International Human Rights Group told WND.

There’s nothing quite like a march that proclaims to be fighting for “your rights” while stripping you of those very rights at the same time.

An estimated 300,000 people from all areas of the country attend the festival, which is the culmination of Atlanta’s “Gay” Pride month, an event welcoming “diversity,” “tolerance” and “rights.”

Problem is that there is no diversity, or tolerance allowed at this particular event. Should diversity and tolerance rear their ugly heads … they’ll be arrested.

The pic above is a screen shot from a video recored at last year’s event in Atlanta where the same policy of intolerance was implemented. A group of Christians were told that if they didn’t get off of public land … they would be arrested because their message was not “congruent” to the gay pride message.

Since they were told to move across the street or be arrested … they moved across the street. Where they were attacked by raging gay pride enthusiasts. Again, their rights were violated, but this time the police didn’t even bother to show up. So the Atlanta police department is ok with threatening arrest (which is illegal) to law abiding citizens, but will do nothing when people are attacked … great.

The full video and story are on the link above.


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