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Man Fired For Saving Woman’s Life

Posted by Casey on June 19, 2007

This is becoming epidemic in this country, and he has a major lawsuit against his former employer that will be based on his constitutional rights.

The Times-Union:

When a neighbor screamed she’d been shot, Colin Bruley grabbed his shotgun, found the victim and began treating her bloodied right leg.

Tonnetta Lee survived Tuesday’s pre-dawn shooting at her Jacksonville apartment, and her sister and a neighbor praised Bruley’s actions. But his employers, the same people who own the Arlington complex where Bruley lives, reacted differently. They fired him.

Bruley, a leasing agent at the Oaks at Mill Creek, said he lost his job after being told that brandishing the weapon was a workplace violation, as was failing to notify supervisors after the incident occurred.

Bruley said he was too shaken to call his supervisor immediately after the incident, which occurred just before 2 a.m., but planned to eventually do so. He also said he was acting as a citizen, not an employee, and shouldn’t have been punished for trying to protect himself and others. He never fired the shotgun.

See what I mean about a legal case based on his constitutional rights? We was not at work … he was at home.

This is what the company had to say to him about his being fired:

A complaint Bruley said was given to him by his supervisor Tuesday said he violated several company policies found in an employee handbook. Those procedures were also explained in a recent meeting and an e-mail, the complaint said. One policy prohibits any type of weapons being used in the workplace. The complaint cited him for “gross misconduct.”

Ok, the employee handbook, emails, and the meeting are all irrelevant. It is a violation of the Constitution to require that your employees relinquish their second amendment rights simply because they also live on property. There is no liability for the complex either because he was not at work during the incident, and was acting as a concerned citizen. Therefore, the complex can not be held legally liable for the incident, and Mr. Bruley is protected by good samaritan laws.

Companies are really pushing the limits with regards to controlling their employee’s behavior outside of the work place. Typically, it has been a free speech issue by not allowing them to post to blogs, or have websites. Now it has advanced into a citizen’s right to bear arms.

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