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Is Fred Thompson Anti-Abortion?

Posted by Casey on June 15, 2007

Hotair has a link to a new Fred Thompson video outlining his pro-life positions, but it seems to contradict his previously held stances somewhat.

I would like to preface this post by saying that I support Fred Thompson, and would likely endorse him for president when he makes it official. I just found something in his background that didn’t quite gel.

Project Vote Smart is a great site to research candidates both on the national, and local, levels. They have a question and answer sheet that they give to candidates to outline their positions on various issues. Most candidates take the time to answer the questions, and then Vote Smart publishes those answers on their site. That way you and I can look up a candidate to see where they stand on issues that are important to us.

Thompson has not answered one for this upcoming election yet, but he did answer the questions a few years ago. Vote Smart still has his answers on their site, and there was an interesting response from Thompson regarding abortion.

As you can see from Thompson’s answers above … he believes abortion should be legal. Now that doesn’t mean that he supports abortion by any means, and his voting record on abortion is clearly pro-life. However, this may hurt Thompson’s attempts at painting himself as a staunch pro-life candidate … as he seems to be doing in the video link above.


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