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Israel May Give Golan Heights To Syria For Peace

Posted by Casey on June 8, 2007

Yet another land for peace deal may be in the works, and Olmert is catching hell for his consideration of giving the Golan Heights back to Syria.

Jerusalem Post:

According to the report in Yediot, quoting officials close to Olmert, the prime minister sent messages with German and Turkish diplomats to Syrian President Bashar Assad indicating that Israel was willing to hold direct peace negotiations and give up the Golan.

According to Yediot, Olmert repeatedly said he would be prepared to negotiate with Syria only if Assad’s regime cut ties with Iran and Hizbullah and ceased its support for terror.

US President George Bush gave Olmert the green light for negotiations with Syria in an hour-long phone conversation last month, according to the report, and the two leaders will further discuss the possibility of talks during their scheduled meeting at the White House on June 19.

The interesting tidbit of this story is that Syrian officials are denying … while Israeli officials just don’t want to give details.

Asking a terrorist nation you’re on the brink of war with to cut its ties with the terrorists who will conduct that war is risky business. A conflict is sure to erupt simply because Israel gave up the Golan Heights, and then there may be war anyway. Even if the transition goes smoothly Israel will be at a disadvantage when Syria doesn’t part ways with Hezbollah (and they won’t).


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