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Paris Hilton Released From Jail … On Verge Of Mental Breakdown

Posted by Casey on June 7, 2007

Now she has 40 days house arrest. The sheriff is trying to spin this by saying that Hilton was not released, but “reassigned”, and they are throwing the whole “this doubles her sentence” argument. As if anyone really believes that spending 45 days in a home like Hilton’s is real punishment.

There’s two schools of thought here on why she was released:

  1. She was able to manipulate jail personnel enough to think she was having a mental breakdown.
  2. With the staph infection going around at her facility authorities didn’t want the negative press if Hilton became infected.

There is always the third option too … Paris flirted (or provided sexual favors) to get released reassigned.

Full story here.


That racist hypocrite Sharpton is weighing in … guess where he stands?


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