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One Wild Ride … Man In Wheelchair Gets Hit By Semi, & Reaches 50 MPH

Posted by Casey on June 7, 2007

This is scary and awesome all at once. Only Hollywood should be able to pull this off.


A West Michigan man says it was “quite a ride”, police say they’ve never seen anything like it, witnesses just watched in shock.

Paw Paw Police say a 21 year old Kalamazoo man’s wheelchair got lodged in the grill of a semi around 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday as the man was crossing the street.

The semi driver, a 52 year old Kalamazoo man, says he did not see the wheelchair as he proceeded through the intersection when the light turned green.

Dispatchers were flooded with callers who saw the semi pushing the wheel chair for about two miles. The semi then pulled into Ralph Moyle Industries where the driver says he first realized that the wheelchair was attached to the vehicle.

Police say the man in the wheelchair was not injured.

Like I said: scary and awesome.


One Response to “One Wild Ride … Man In Wheelchair Gets Hit By Semi, & Reaches 50 MPH”

  1. Anonymous said

    What a Ride! one of my Questions is how in the world did the man get into the grill of the Semi truck in the first place?

    Puzzled reader

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