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Dr. Death Released From Jail … Religious Extremists Upset

Posted by Casey on June 1, 2007

Jack Kevorkian freed after 8 years.

The Kevorkian case illustrated the oppressive nature of religious extremists in the most simple terms. I’ve had many arguments with people who disagree with what Kevorkian did, and they all have one goal in common … to force their beliefs upon other people. This is the most un-American action anyone can take.

Those who oppose you having the right to end your suffering on your terms do not believe in compassion, nor the Constitution. Human beings should be allowed to make all decisions regarding how they live their lives, and that should not be stripped away from them because one group’s religious beliefs say you’ll go to hell if you commit suicide. These are the same people who (rightfully) get upset when homosexuality is taught in school, but support a teacher teaching about the bible. Both are wrong, but hypocrites will always choose sides.

The typical simpleton attack is to label people like me as a part of the culture of death. If that’s the case then they are a part of the culture of suffering. There is no justifiable reason why a terminally ill (and only terminally ill) consenting adult should not be able to peacefully drift off to sleep under the care of a consenting, trained professional. The only reason ever given is that it is “morally wrong”, and those morals are rooted in that person’s religion. Therefore, their opinion should be cast aside as the dictatorial mantra it really is. None of us have the right to force our religious beliefs upon others.

Let me be clear on this issue. Only terminally ill, consenting adults with pain should be allowed to hire someone to assist their passing. Otherwise, a hospice will suffice. No doctor should ever be forced to participate in assisted suicide. Payment to the doctor, and facility, should be paid in advance so that the taxpayer will never have to pick up the bill. Finally, I want to reiterate that there must be pain that can’t be controlled. This is a frequent problem with many advanced illnesses, and a hospice is not always effective. No one should be able to hire a doctor to assist their death if they are only depressed, and medical science can determine if someone is faking.

There is no slippery slope argument here because this would easily be regulated. Any doctor not adhering to requirements of the procedure will lose their license, and be prosecuted.

Humans have the right to live our lives the way WE want, and we should have the right to choose how we pass on.


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