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Mexicans Boo Miss USA

Posted by Casey on May 29, 2007

I guess Mexicans aren’t just content with shouting Osama, booing our national anthem, and booing our soccer team. Now they are booing Miss USA.

Miss USA (Rachel Smith) has been booed repeatedly while in Mexico for the Miss Universe pageant … simply for being an American. I guess Mexico proved they weren’t ready for the world stage, and showed themselves to be the worst kind of hosts.

Miss USA was booed at a parade last week, the crowd drowned out her pageant answers by shouting “Mexico! Mexico!” After the chants she spoke to the crowd in Spanish … further proving her superiority over those in attendance. Miss USA was then booed again when she stepped on her dress, and fell during the evening gown portion of the pageant.

Miss Japan went on to win the crown, Mexico was humiliated on the world stage, and Miss USA placed 4th runner up while Miss Mexico placed several slots lower. This has brewed into a conspiracy in Mexico. They are saying it is proof that the US is favored in everything. Perhaps the Mexican immaturity did ingratiate Miss USA in the eyes of the judges causing her to place higher in the standings, but I doubt it.

For the record … Miss USA is way more hot than Miss Mexico. Here’s your proof …

Miss USA (Rachel Smith)

Miss Mexico (Rosa Maria Ojeda Cuen)

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