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Illegal Aliens Suing Factory After Immigration Raid

Posted by Casey on May 16, 2007

It’s a couple of days old, but it’s still a worthy blog post.

361 illegals feel that it is their right to get the overtime pay they were denied because they were taken into custody during an immigration raid, and so they are suing.


Workers including 361 illegal immigrants were cheated of hundreds of thousands of dollars in overtime pay at a factory at the center of a high-profile raid in Massachusetts, according to a lawsuit filed on Tuesday.

Lawyers are watching this one very closely for precedent. Can you imagine the lawsuits that lawyers will file on behalf of criminals who’ve been taken into custody after committing a crime? Will they all be able to recoup their lost wages?

The illegals were also upset about a few other things as well. Apparently the company would deduct 15-30 minutes of pay from a worker who was at least 1 minute late to work. Sounds like a nasty thing to do, but it’s the fault of the illegals not the company. If you are willing to violate employment laws … you must be prepared to have employment laws violated when it pertains to you. Especially when the laws never legally applied to you anyway.


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