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Kansas And Missouri Say No To Tax Refunds For Illegals

Posted by Casey on May 14, 2007

Believe it or not there is an argument out there that illegal aliens don’t get tax refunds. Not only do they get refunds, but they will often get the refunds of the person whose identity they stole, and this is pretty common. Now these two states are not handing out any refunds to illegal aliens for just that reason.

Fox News:

Kansas and Missouri, while the states are happy to receive the income taxes, they won’t provide a refund because they say they can’t be sure from whom the money was withheld unless there’s a Social Security number.

The rallying has begun amongst illegal alien advocacy groups to stop this from happening. They are saying that it is unfair to take the taxes, but not provide a return.

But state tax officials say taxpayers must provide truthful information, and that’s not happening when an illegal worker uses a false Social Security number.

The IRS has known for a long time that illegals steal identities, and claim the returns on that stolen identity. Congress has demanded that the IRS turn over that information, but the IRS has refused to rat out illegals. Missouri has found a way around that.

In Missouri, the Department of Revenue won’t process a return if the worker uses an ITIN and attaches a W-2, said Jim Brentlinger, the department’s tax bureau administrator.

In those cases, the state sends the worker a letter requesting documentation for why the return doesn’t have the Social Security number that is on the W-2.

Finally, we have a couple of states who notice that tax information doesn’t have matching numbers, and doing something about it.


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