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Ex-Cadet Sues West Point For Kicking Him Out

Posted by Casey on May 14, 2007

Charles Chesnutt Jr is fighting because West Point sent him a tuition bill after he was kicked out for not running fast enough. The kicker … West Point wants tuition for all three years of his education.

Charles Chesnutt Jr., a law student at Southern Methodist University, said in the lawsuit that he enrolled at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in the fall of 1998.

After he couldn’t pass the running test, he was asked to leave in spring 2001 and honorably discharged from the Army, he said.

But in 2006, Mr. Chesnutt received a letter from the Defense Department demanding that he pay about $114,000 for his three-year education. The letter said the Army had determined that Mr. Chesnutt failed the test on purpose, according to the lawsuit.

West Point cadets receive free tuition in exchange for at least five years of active-duty service and three years in the reserves.

So this guy attends West Point for three years free, can’t fulfill his obligations, gets kicked out, and is upset that West Point would like to be compensated for the three years of education they gave him?

He says he gave West Point paperwork that showed he had problems with his knees. I don’t know if it was an injury he had recently had, or if it was a long standing issue. If it was an old injury … how did he complete the previous three years with no problem? Suddenly he can’t run fast enough after three years of training … I don’t buy it. He owes the tuition.


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