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Is George Tenet Profiting From The War In Iraq

Posted by Casey on May 8, 2007

That would be a resounding yes.

Tenet has been widely misquoted in the last several days by anti-bush suckers, but it turns out he is turning a profit off of this war. A war that his words helped to start.

Tenet recently confirmed everything that Bush argued in going to war with Iraq in his new book, and he received a $4 million dollar advance for his book. There is still more.


In fact, Tenet has been earning substantial income by working for corporations that provide the U.S. government with technology, equipment and personnel used for the war in Iraq as well as the broader war on terror.

Apparently to the tune of at least $2.3 million from four corporations. Not that anything is wrong with that … legally, but it is a little convenient that he left all of that out of his book as well as his public appearances.

It is a great read … there’s more … a lot more.


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