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Pro-US Candidate Beats Socialist In French Election

Posted by Casey on May 7, 2007

Yet another anit-American candidate loses an election to lead their country into the next decade. First it was Germany who elected a leader who favors the US, and now it is France. This is historic because Germany and France are the only two US allies who didn’t support the Iraq war, and they were the only two allies who were caught giving Saddam illegal goods leading up to the war.

The US media has made a point out of the “go it alone” mentality of the US because of the lack of support from Germany and France. Two countries that will typically fight with us in some capacity. The “go it alone” argument is, of course, incorrect as the US built a larger coalition for Iraqi Freedom than we did for Desert Storm.

France and Germany have also been getting more serious threats from al Qaeda the past several months. This has led many in those two countries to accept what the US has been saying about the War On Terror, and these last two elections prove it.

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